‘American Idol’ 2021 Eliminations: Who Got Eliminated & Voted Off 5/2

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May 2 was the Disney Night celebration on American Idoland Arthur Gunn was voted back in to round out the Top 10 on the show. Three contestants, however, were sent home. Who went home on American Idol tonight?

Cassandra Coleman, Alyssa Wray, and Deshawn Goncalves were eliminated, meaning they are no longer in the running for the country’s top singer.

There will be no show tomorrow, Monday, on American Idol, and the singers will return to the stage on Sunday, May 9, 2021, where they will sing on Mother’s Day.

Here’s what you need to know:

Disney Night

Tonight, the top 10 were part of Disney night. Earlier in the week, each contestant visited Disney Land in celebration of the evening and each singer was even visited by members of their family.

The fact that Arthur Gunn was voted into the Top 10 is not all that surprising, given the fact that Gunn’s performance of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls earned him more views on Youtube than any other comeback performance. He has also garnered a huge following on social media since finishing as the runner-up last season.

But while Gunn clearly has many fans, some viewers are upset with the format of the show this year and don’t believe that last year’s contestants should have the opportunity to compete on this season.

One Twitter user recently wrote, “Let’s make sure Arthur Gunn stays outta the Top 7, please. Let’s give a fair chance to THIS YEAR’S contestants, you know, who had to audition.”

Another added, “physically upset that arthur gunn, who’s literally the runner up from last season of idol, got in. it’s not fair to any of the contestants tbh. he literally has 300k followers on instagram there is no doubt in my mind he’s not going to win now. :/”

Next Week’s Mentor on ‘Idol’

Next week is Mother’s Day, and Chris Martin of Coldplay will mentor the contestants. He will also perform his debut single, “Higher Power,” which the band is slated to release on Friday, May 7.

In a recent statement, Martin said, “Higher Power is a song that arrived on a little keyboard and a bathroom sink at the start of 2020. It was produced by Max Martin who is a true wonder of the universe.”

According to Rolling Stone, each singer will perform a Mother’s Day tribute to their mom when they take to the stage.

Fans can vote for their favorite contestant during the show and through until the final break for commercials. Fans can vote online, through the app, or by texting the number corresponding with their favorite contestant to “21523.”

You must be at least 16 and live in the U.S., Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands to vote online or in the app.

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