‘American Idol’ 2021 Eliminations: Who Got Eliminated & Voted Off 4/12

American Idol Eliminations

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Long-time American Idol host Ryan Seacrest announced the Top 10 contestants for the 2021 season of Idol during the episode that aired on April 12, 2021. The remaining contestants moved on in a new round, competing for their chance to be the next American Idol.

Instead of sending all of the voted off contestants home, the six remaining contestants were able to perform for the American Idol judges in the hopes of securing one of two Wildcard spots.

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and guest judge Paula Abdul ultimately decided the fate of each of the contestants. Abdul sat in for Luke Bryan after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was not able to attend the first live show of the season.

WARNING: Spoilers for the top 12 reveal episode of American Idol follow. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know who was eliminated from the show. 

Who Got Eliminated From ‘American Idol’ Tonight?

Ryan Seacrest announced early on that Wyatt Pike had to drop out from the competition and would not be making it through. With Wyatt no longer in the running, that meant that only five contestants would be competing for the two wildcard spots rather than having a two in six shot to make it through.

That means that the following contestants had to compete and three would be going home:

  • Colin Jamieson – performed “Waves” by Dean Lewis
  • Madison Watkins – performed “Hotline Bling” by Drake
  • Beane – performed “Grow As We Go” by Ben Platt
  • Alanis Sophia – performed “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato
  • Graham DeFranco – performed “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell

After deliberation, the judges decided to save Madison Watkins and Beane.

That means these contestants were eliminated from the competition:

  • Wyatt Pike (dropped out of the competition)
  • Colin Jamieson
  • Alanis Sophia
  • Graham DeFranco

Who Made It Through?

Only ten contestants were announced immediately as going through to the next round:

  • Casey Bishop
  • Deshawn Goncalves
  • Cassandra Coleman
  • Caleb Kennedy
  • Ava August
  • Chayce Beckham
  • Alyssa Wray
  • Willie Spence
  • Grace Kinstler
  • Hunter Metts

The Wildcard Saves:

  • Madison Watkins
  • Beane

The show also announced that there will be a second-chance twist coming up next week on American Idol. For the twist, ten contestants who made the top 20 during season 18 of American Idol were invited back for the chance to perform for a spot in this year’s top 10.

According to executive producer and showrunner Trish Kahane’s interview with Billboard, the executives wanted to give the former contestants a new chance.

“We pivoted pretty quickly to remote production last year because we had to,” Kahane told Billboard. “When it became apparent that things were going to be a bit better this year and that we were going to be able to return to the Television City studio with the big lights, we thought about last year’s contestants.”

She added, “They did so well with the remote production, with their moms and dads helping them and their brothers and sisters holding iPhones and ring lights, but they never had the proper Idol experience. Some people really come alive on that big stage. We thought they deserved to have that experience.”

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays live coast-to-coast at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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