This Former Idol Judge Learned They Had COVID Backstage



During Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen shared that she learned she had tested positive for COVID-19 while backstage of her talk show.

“Obviously there are a lot of negative things going on, so I wanted to talk about something positive: my COVID test,” DeGeneres said. She explained she was backstage when her assistant shared the news. “And then everyone around me ran away. It’s funny, people just really get scared. They ran and some have not come back since.”

She said she left the studio immediately.

According to USA Today, DeGeneres slept for 16 hours each day for the first three days after testing positive and suffered from back pain and spasms. “It felt like I cracked a rib,” USA Today reported her as saying. “You know how I make you laugh so hard that your ribs hurt? That’s what it was like for me. Now I know how you feel.”

The outlet added that DeGeneres did not experience any other symptoms typically associated with coronavirus, like fever, headache, or loss of taste. She says she is now “all clear” and “fine.”

Speaking on the show, DeGeneres mentioned, “The weird thing is I still don’t know where I got it. I wear a mask, I washed my hands, I only licked three or four door handles, so it’s a mystery how that would happen. … I know a lot of people out there are struggling with this illness. My heart goes out to all of them. As always, I hope the show will give you some joy (and) brighten your day.”

Some Talk Shows Have Resumed Filming From Home

Given that coronavirus numbers are surging in Los Angeles, it should come as no surprise that a number of LA-based talk shows are resuming from home.

According to ET Online, Jimmy Kimmel and James Corden are back to working from home.

When Kimmel appeared on his show on Monday, he joked, “Hi, I’m Jimmy, I’m the host of this house. Thanks for watching from your house. This is our first show of the new year. An exciting new year. 2021 is in, 2020 is out. I’ve been bubbling with enthusiasm, optimism. I’ve been ready for a return to normalcy.”

He added, “And here I am doing the show from my kitchen again… Because there’s a deadly virus, that seems to be living in LA now. It seems to have taken permanent residence here. I believe it lives across the street from me in Kendall Jenner’s old house.”

When Corden, similarly, started taping from his garage, he said to his audience, “A very warm welcome back to my garage… That’s right, we’re back in lockdown for a few days. We’re going to be doing the show from my house until it’s safe to return.”

“So, once again, I’m saying hello to my garage and good-bye to my pants,” Corden joked. “Remember when everyone was making sourdough bread? Do you remember that? Back when people had energy.”

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