‘American Idol’ Viewers Call for Judge’s Replacement

Katy Perry

ABC 'American Idol' Season 20

Season 20 of ABC’sAmerican Idol” premiered on February 28 with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan returning to the panel.

After the premiere, some fans took to Reddit to call for Perry’s replacement, specifically because of the way she reacted when Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter, Grace Franklin, auditioned for the show.

During the audition, Perry went to bat for Grace and asked the other judges to give her a chance. She ultimately joked that she was quitting the show and walked out of the room.

“Totally backfired in my opinion, and quite frankly the show would be way better without that type of bias,” one post on Reddit reads. “I’ve seen Katy get serious and tell contestants they are not ready, what made this so different? She is biased and emotional, sometimes for no reason other than her desire to get her own way. Terrible and cringe.”

Some Fans Think Perry Should Leave the Show

In the replies to the Reddit thread, some fans called for Perry to leave the show altogether, saying they might stop watching because of her “antics.”

“That was REALLY over the top…” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “Yeah, she is so obviously self centered. I can’t see why people think she’s good for the show.”

Others compared Perry to Paula Abdul, one of the original judges on the show.

“At least Paula was able to actually offer something behind her saccharine personality,” one reply reads. “Katy, no no no. Let’s show a tantrum because Lionel Richie was being honest. Katy’s kind of immature if I’m being honest.”

One person replied, “Katy Perry manages to make every contestant about Katy Perry. I stopped watching for this reason.” While another said that they think she is “the most annoying judge ever.”

Another person stood up for Perry: “She just acted that way to make the show interesting. It was so boring last night.”

Another person replied, “Why would you want to replace her? She’s literally a modern day Paula. She plays the part we all loved growing up but now bc it’s Katy we give her crap.”

Others had criticism for all of the judges.

“All three of them act with their emotions too much,” one reply reads. “That’s why we need a panel of Simon, Randy, Harry and Keith.”

When Does ‘American Idol’ Air?

According to Futon Critic, which has been accurate with scheduling in the past, here are the dates that season 20 of “American Idol” will likely air, accompanied by our predictions of what will take place on that date:

  • Sunday, March 6: Auditions
  • Sunday, March 13: Auditions
  • Sunday, March 20: Auditions
  • Monday, March 21: Auditions
  • Monday, March 28: Auditions
  • Sunday, April 3: Hollywood Week
  • Monday, April 4: Showstopper Round
  • Sunday, April 10: Duets/Solos
  • Monday, April 11: Top 16
  • Sunday, April 17: Top 12 Live Performances
  • Monday, April 18: TBA
  • Sunday, April 24: TBA
  • Monday, April 25: TBA
  • Sunday, May 1: TBA
  • Monday, May 2: TBA
  • Sunday, May 8: TBA
  • Monday, May 9: TBA
  • Sunday, May 14: TBA
  • Monday, May 16: Semifinals
  • Sunday, May 22: Season finale

“American Idol” airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC. Later in the season, the show will air on both Sunday and Monday nights.

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