‘American Idol’ Viewers Confused About Golden Ticket Decisions, Criticize Judges

American Idol

ABC "American Idol" wrapped up the audition episodes for season 20.

Viewers of ABC’sAmerican Idol” were left confused following the final episode of auditions for the 20th season of the competition show.

During the episode, judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan decided which hopeful auditioners would receive Golden Tickets to make it through to Hollywood Week and which would not. In some cases, those decisions were not the same as the decisions viewers of the show would make.

Near the end of the final audition episode, the three judges spoke about the types of contestants they’d found for the season, with both Bryan and Perry agreeing that they found a lot of “raw talent” and they’d have to work to “shape” those artists into superstars.

Fans Were Confused About One Contestant Getting a Golden Ticket

Saylor Woodmansee was one contestant who auditioned for “American Idol,” and in a Reddit thread after her audition aired, some fans questioned how she got through to the next round.

“Are they serious?? I’m about to stop watching,” the person who posted on Reddit wrote. “This girl did not deserve a golden ticket. I’m in shock.”

The replies mostly agreed with the poster.

“I’m watching the current episode, and I have yet to really hear a good audition from it,” one person replied. “How any of these people went through is extremely confusing.

Another wrote, “I agree, the other girl that made a mistake was way more deserving. Those eyelashes are soooo not flattering. It makes me not take her seriously.”

Some did disagree, however.

“I actually liked her voice. Rest assured they will fix the eyebrow situation if she makes it past Hollywood week. And she gets one pass from me regarding not being ready voicewise,” one reply read.

Later, when a different contestant was given a “no,” fans took to the live thread to discuss that decision.

“He’s 100 times better than eyelashes girl,” one person wrote. Another commented, “How is this even comparable.”

Fans Questioned the Judges’ Decisions

Earlier in the episode, boyfriend and girlfriend Kaylin Roberson and Matt Gorman auditioned together with a duet. Eventually, Roberson was voted through while Gorman did not get a Golden Ticket.

Some fans thought that should have been flipped.

“Big miss on matt,” one person wrote in the live thread. “kinda reminded me of paul Mcdonald.”

Another wrote, “Ok, how’s the guy not through, but the girl is?!”

Some Viewers Are Unimpressed With the Talent

In the live thread on Reddit where fans discussed the episode, many talked about being overall unimpressed with the talent they’ve seen on season 20.

“I’m still waiting for someone who just blows me away?? like did i miss something?? i haven’t seen someone i’d listen to voluntarily like are my standards just too high lol??” one person wrote in the thread. “last season i would actually go back and watch casey and hunter and beane and a bunch of the contestants on youtube afterwards even after their auditions and I’m just not seeing someone like that.”

Another person wrote, “So true… there have been a few people I creeped on social media immediately after their audition. I don’t think I’ve done too much of that this season except on contestants that got on for stupid reasons.”

Next up, the contestants will make their way through Hollywood Week, starting with the Genre challenge, which will air on Monday, March 28 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on ABC.

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on ABC.

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