Grace Kinstler Update: Where is the ‘American Idol’ Finalist Now?

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Grace Kinstler captured the hearts of her fans when she first appeared on the 2021 season of ABC’sAmerican Idol,” and she brought her fans with her all the way to the finale where she ultimately came up short, finishing in third place behind Willie Spence and Chayce Beckham.

Following the “American Idol” finale, Kinstler moved to Los Angeles, she shared on Instagram with a series of photos.

“LA is so beautiful,” she wrote alongside the second set of images. “swipe to see the gorgeous @silentzoostudios that I got to record in yesterday!”

Read on to learn more about where Kinstler is now and what she has planned for the future.

Kinstler Says New Music is Coming Soon

During an interview with Music Mayhem, Kinstler shared that her debut album will be coming out soon, though the release date is not set yet.

“I do have a lot of it written and the co-writes that I have set up currently are just to polish and go over the stuff that I’ve written and it’s with someone who I trust and who’s been [through it], he’s had some of those trials ups and downs,” she told the outlet.

Kinstler added, “And so I think that he’ll just have an amazing perspective to bring to the music and he’ll help me see it from a different light and just help me create the best product.”

She says that she wants to release the project “while the iron’s hot” and before she “fades into the background,” though she does not want the product to feel rushed.

She also got to spend some time with Spence during her recording session for her debut single “Love Someone,” which debuted on “American Idol.”

“I got to spend some time with Willie that day actually, too, which was behind the scenes, but he got to sit in on some of my session, which was awesome,” she told the outlet. “So I just love being in the studio with friends and being able to create something magical.”

Kinstler Offered Voice Lessons to Fans

As Heavy reported in late July 2021, Kinstler has taken some time to offer voice lessons for her fans. She was offering the sessions a couple of days a week.

She advised her followers to direct message her for more details if interested, Talent Recap reported.

According to Music Mayhem, Kinstler has also started to exchange Instagram messages with hip-hop megastar Drake.

“When I made the top, it was either the top 12 or 16, he was like, ‘Congrats,'” she shared with the outlet. “And I was like, ‘Hey, Drake.’ So little things like that. So it was cool, it was cool. But yeah, hit me up Drake if you want to collaborate.”

She also shared that she would like to eventually collaborate with Yebba and Demi Lovato and commented that she stays in touch with fellow “American Idol” contestants Alyssa Wray, DeShawn Goncalves and Willie Spence.

“Those are the three main, like best friends that I made, which was so cool,” she told Music Mayhem. “You don’t come into a competition like that expecting to make amazing friends because it’s a competition, you’re competing. But the camaraderie between all of us was just super cool. And yeah, I talk to them a lot.”

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