‘American Idol’ Fans Say Runner-Up Was ‘Robbed’

American Idol Runner Up

ABC "American Idol" revealed the winner of season 20 on May 22, 2022.

Some fans of “American Idol” are upset after the season 20 top winner and runner-up were revealed during the finale on May 22, 2022.

During the episode, the top three contestants – Leah Marlene, Noah Thompson, and Huntergirl, each performed one song as a tribute to Bruce Springsteen, another with one a superstar, and then another song of their choosing.

They competed for the title of this season’s “American Idol” in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie and a live audience.

At the end of it all, Noah Thompson was crowned the winner and Huntergirl was the runner-up. Some fans aren’t happy with the outcome.

Fans Think Huntergirl Deserved to Win

Some fans think that Huntergirl should have won over Noah Thompson.

“HUNTERGIRL WAS ROBBED #AmericanIdol,” one person tweeted.

Another person tweeted, “HUNTERGIRL GOT ROBBED!!!!”

Some people thought she should have won over Noah Thompson specifically.

“Noah is trash,” one tweet reads. “Hunter girl should of won #AmericanIdol.”

Others thought Huntergirl would still have a good career following “American Idol.”

“Huntergirl was my fave all season & even if she didn’t win. She won many hearts #AmericanIdol,” a tweet reads.

One person wrote on the Reddit live thread, “yay Noah!!!! HunterGirl and Leah are great songwriters and will do super well so a big success all around.”

“Y’all hating on Huntergirl over her pursuing her dream is disgusting,” one person wrote in reaction to some of the comments about the singer-songwriter. “She has more talent than any of the haters.”

Others were glad that Noah won.

“I’m just happy for Noah,” one person wrote. “I feel like he is the one that needed a contract and a team behind him the most. Everyone will have great careers no matter what.”

Another person wrote, “I’m glad Noah won. Not only does he have a good voice and a good story, but he probably needs the win/Idol contract to advance his career more than Leah or HG.”

Has ‘American Idol’ Been Renewed for Season 6?

Luckily for fans, “American Idol” has been officially renewed by ABC for the upcoming season of the show, as was announced in a batch of renewals that included five unscripted shows.

“American Idol,” “The Bachelor,” “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune,” and “Shark Tank” were all announced to be returning, according to an ABC press release.

In the press release, the network applauded “American Idol” for keeping the ratings strong. The show is ABC’s number one show currently, and it is up 15 percent over the previous season in the 18-49 demographic after 35 days of multiplatform viewing, the network stated.

Auditions for the next season of “American Idol” have been announced, meaning that the show will be returning to finding contestants in the next few months. There are multiple rounds of auditions before the judges ever get involved in the show, which will likely air in the beginning of 2023, meaning that it will be filming starting in November or December.

The three judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan are all expected to return for the upcoming season, as is long-time host Ryan Seacrest.

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Lynn Zeno
Lynn Zeno
1 month ago

Not!!! Noah was better than her!!!! Everybody’s got there own opinion, doesn’t mean she was robbed!!!!!!! What about Arthur Gunn!!!! He got robbed because there voting was all screwed up!!!!!!!

Lynn Zeno
Lynn Zeno
1 month ago
Reply to  Lynn Zeno

Also 75,000 people came to his concert! I think that tells all!!!!

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