Is ‘American Idol’ On Tonight 5/10?

American Idol


Last night, American Idol was narrowed down to its top five contestants, and now, fans want to know when they can next hear America’s top singers belt it out in the hopes of becoming the next American Idol.

Over the course of the show, the contestants have belted out their favorite songs from a variety of genres, including Country, Indie, Folk, Pop, R&B, Rock, and Soul.

During Sunday’s episode, Arthur Gunn and Hunter Metts were eliminated from the show, and are no longer in the running. That leaves Casey Bishop, Chayce Beckham, Willie Spence, Caleb Kennedy, and Grace Kinstler as the top five of the season.

The show will be shifting from its two-times-per-week format to once-a-week. Tonight, instead of American Idol, ABC will air the Disney channel original film Finding Dory followed by The Good Doctor.

The next episode of American Idol will air Sunday, May 16 on 8/7c. As of now, the show’s finale is slated for Sunday, May 23, on ABC.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who Is The Favorite to Win?

Incredible! Grace Kinstler Covers Adele “When We Were Young” – American Idol 2021Not only does Grace perform one of the most beautiful renditions of Adele’s “When We Were Young” that we’ve ever heard, but she dedicates the entire performance to her mom on Mother’s Day, making it 1000 times more beautiful! Watch here to get ALL the goosebumps and ALL the feels! See more of American Idol…2021-05-10T04:45:01Z

Caleb Kennedy is 16 and from Roebuck, South Carolina; Casey Bishop is 15 and from Estero, Florida; Chayce Beckham is 24 and from Apple Valley, California, and Grace Kinstler, 20; and Willie Spence is 21.

In the words of NewsWeek, “Gunn’s elimination has shaken up the race.”

Gunn was initially given a second shot at competing on Season 19 of the show for what has been dubbed the ‘comeback’ twist.

In a recent interview with Talent Recap, last year’s winner Just Sam spoke about this year’s comeback twist, stating, “Juicy it was definitely juicy… Just bringing back Arthur Gunn, Faith Becnel, and Cyniah [Elise]. That’s juicy. That’s really good stuff right there. That’s great for television.”

She added, “Arthur Gunn, not because of anything personal, but because of how it went last year,” she said. “We were neck and neck … If he made it to [the] top two, then he still has his top-two fans.”

With Gunn being voted out last night, the singer is no longer in the running for the next American Idol.

Finneas on ‘American Idol’

VideoVideo related to is ‘american idol’ on tonight 5/10?2021-05-10T17:08:48-04:00

Fans of Idol are excited to hear that next week, Finneas, the brother of Billie Eilish, will be mentoring the remaining contestants.

He will also be performing with Ashe. As pointed out by Talent Recap, the song, “Till Forever Falls Apart” has been “blowing up all over social media and we fully expect them to perform it on next week’s show,” per Talent Recap.

In a recent interview about “Till Forever Falls Apart”, Finneas shared, “I think because Ashe and I actually are true friends and we’re both in very public relationships, I didn’t want to write about something that wasn’t honest,” Finneas said about the song. “So I thought I’d just write this song about this friend who I love deeply in the way that we all love our friends,” per Talent Recap.

American Idol will air Sunday, May 11, at 8pm ET/5pm PT on ABC.

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