‘Idol’ Contestant Slays Katy Perry Song, Receives Standing Ovation

Jacob Morant

ABC Jacob Morant

Season 20 of ABC’s “American Idol” is well underway, with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie seeing auditions from all over the country. One of the many “American Idol” hopefuls is Jacob Moran, who auditioned previously.

Moran auditioned in 2019, telling the judges at the time that he was a nurse and was longing to pursue a career in music. Since then, he’s lost 60 pounds and has worked on his singing.

During that season, Moran did make it through to Hollywood Week, but he was eliminated before the Showstopper round. This time around, Moran chose to sing a Katy Perry song for his audition, and he blew the judges’ minds with his voice.

Moran Sang ‘Rise’ for His Audition

CONFIDENCE, BABY! Jacob Moran Has It As He Sings "Rise" By Katy Perry – American Idol 2022Nurse Jacob is a return contestant from 2019 who's lost 60 pounds and gained a lot of confidence since then. When Lionel told his group "it's a no" during Hollywood Week, that was the kick in the butt he needed to get his life on track. Now he's back and sings "Rise" by Katy Perry…2022-03-21T01:15:43Z

When he got eliminated in Hollywood Week, Moran said that gave him a “kick in the butt” and got him to work on his confidence.

“This is what I want to do,” Moran said before his audition for season 20. “I want to pursue music. I want to give it another shot here. So, let’s do this. Honestly, I want to show them how much I’ve changed and get that Golden Ticket.”

When he walked into the audition room, Bryan said that he remembered the singer. Perry said that she also remembered him and that he was “good but almost in disbelief the whole time.”

When he said that he would be singing a Katy Perry song, the judges said “are you sure?”

Before he started singing, he said, “This could go one or two ways.”

Perry was especially impressed with the singer when he started belting out her song. After he was done, he received a standing ovation from Perry.

“You realize you just got a standing O from Katy Perry on you doing her song,” Richie said.

Perry added, “Wow. When you think the final nail is in, think again. I may have gone to Hollywood, and I may have not gotten through, but I kept fighting. I really think you chose the right song, and you did it justice. You gave me full-body chills, you made my face have chills, and those words are your words now. You have arrived, and now is the time.”

All three of the judges voted “yes” to put Moran through to Hollywood once again.

“Jacob, this time is the time. It’s a yes from me,” Perry said, adding, “Welcome back!”

Fans immediately took to the comment section on the YouTube video to announce their appreciation for Moran’s voice.

“Jacob is the best male singer I’ve heard so far to me,” one person wrote. “I love his voice & his range. He sings with passion & makes you feel the song.”

Another commented, “Wow this gave me goosebumps…”

Moran Announced His ‘Idol’ Audition on Instagram

On October 27, 2021, Moran announced that he auditioned for “American Idol” to his 6,000 Instagram followers.

“Exciting news-I tried out for @americanidol …. Again! 😍 tune in to ABC around February 2022 to find out if I got the golden ticket to Hollywood! 😉”

Moran took to Instagram after the audition aired to celebrate his Golden Ticket.

“I cannot believe I had #AMomentLikeThis,” he wrote in the caption. “I got the golden ticket and I’m heading to Hollywood! Thanks so much @KatyPerry, @LukeBryan and @LionelRichie! #AmericanIdol.”

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on ABC.

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