‘American Idol’ Alum Helps DWTS Judge Derek Hough Hit Back at High School Bully

American Idol Jax Derek Hough

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Derek Hough is currently one of the most famous professional dancers, having racked up six Mirrorball trophies on ABC’sDancing With the Stars” and earning multiple Emmy awards for choreography. In high school, however, Hough says he was bullied for studying ballet, and he enlisted “American Idol” alum Jax to get back at the bully.

In a TikTok video cross-posted on Instagram, Jax sings a song with Hough about his former high school bully.

“This is my friend Derek Hough, you may have seen him on ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” Jax sings before Hough says that high school was rough for him because of someone named “Brad Everhart.”

Watch the Hilarious Video

During the video, Hough shares that in high school, he had his head put in the toilet because he used to study ballet.

“But now that Derek’s happy and successful, there’s something that he wants to say,” Jax starts, while Hough dances in the background.

Hough then jumps in, saying, “Brad I bet you wonder why the prom queen dumped you, the one who got away and broke your heart. Well it turns out she was a dancer who liked boy dancers.”

Then, Jax says that Everhart can watch both dancers on TV in his mom’s garage.

Hough’s girlfriend Hayley Erbert shows up in the video as the girl who broke Brad Everhart’s heart. While it’s likely this story was at least partly fabricated, as Erbert and Hough are nearly 10 years apart in age and met while they were both already professional dancers, it’s still a fun song sung by Jax and Hough.

Many fans went to the comments to see if they could verify the story, however, seeing if Brad Everhart had come to the comment section.

Jax Was on Season 14 of ‘American Idol’

Jax was on “American Idol” when she was 18 years old in 2015, and she ultimately finished in third place that year. Later, she released a single called “La La Land,” which was about her experience on the show, according to Billboard.

“I don’t want people to think I’m not grateful for the experience,” Jax shared at the time. “I love all of it and it was the platform of a lifetime and it opened up all these doors for me. It gave me the opportunity to be a household name in the country and that’s huge… But at the same time, its’ not as glamorous as it looks. People don’t know.”

Jax was later diagnosed with thyroid cancer, Billboard reported. She is now cancer-free.

Jax has become a household name on TikTok since the platform took off as well. She currently boasts 325,000 followers on Instagram and 6.6 million followers on TikTok as well as 91.8 million likes on the platform.

Her most recent singles “Ring Pop,” “90s Kids” and “Like My Father” have each released in 2021 as well.

The collaboration between Hough and Jax shouldn’t surprise fans, as Hough is also big on TikTok.

“Dancing WIth the Stars” returns for season 30 on September 20, 2021. “American Idol” will return for season 20 in February 2022.

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