Did Jewel Express Frustration Over Katy Perry’s Comments on ‘Idol’?

Hunter Metts And Jewel Duet "Who Will Save Your Soul" + Hunter's Sia Cover! – American Idol 2021Hunter Metts took Sia’s song “Chandelier” and made it completely his own for his Top 24 solo! Unique, heartfelt and beautiful, it’s no secret that Hunter has an undeniable voice, but lately he’s been surprising us more and more with every performance, especially this one! Even singing with an iconic voice like Jewel’s, Hunter was…2021-04-06T01:48:28Z

On Sunday’s episode of American Idol, singer Jewel appeared to get a little “defensive”, per Yahoo, when Katy Perry offered comments about Hunter Metts’ performance.

Hunter paired up with Jewel and they belted out, “Who Will Save Your Soul.” As Jewel watched the critiques from backstage, Perry said that she sensed a “little fear” in Metts’, and there was a lack of confidence in his presence.

Jewel reacted to Perry’s comments by yelling, “What!?” at the monitor she was watching the critiques on. “No! I really thought he gave a lot more!” she added.

Perry continued by deciding to build up Metts, and share, “You have a unique voice that is only your own. So you really can’t and should not be judging yourself against them.”

Luke Bryan seconded those sentiments, stating, “The beauty of you is if you have a great night, an okay night, not a great night. You still have such an undeniable sounding voice that’s your own that you can always count on,” Bryan gushed. “I mean even at one moment I was just like ‘God, you get this kid the right song and everybody will know that voice forever.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Weigh In

Flying High! Hunter Metts Performs Noah Cyrus “July” For Showstoppers! – American Idol 2021Hunter Metts is no stranger to self doubt, but he seems to leave any insecurities behind for the Showstopper round, performing “July” by Noah Cyrus for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Will Hunter finally have his “big moment” during Showstoppers, or will he choose to play it safe and risk making it into…2021-03-30T00:37:34Z

On Twitter, fans appeared to agree that Jewel was there to fight. One fan wrote in the Youtube comments, “Jewel was so cute getting defensive for him like a stage mom. LOL.”

Another viewer, however, offered a different perspective, writing, “He is so unique. He needs to gain confidence in himself and stop comparing his singing to others. His voice alone is unstoppable and once he gets out of his head he could be in the final.”

Who Is Hunter Metts?

According to TVOM, Metts sang “All the Pretty Girls” by Kaleo for his first audition.

In the words of the outlet, “His performance… left particularly Luke Bryan, completely stunned.”

The singer hails from Tennessee, and according to the outlet, his sister went so far as quitting her job so that Metts’ could audition for Idol.

TVOM writes that Metts’ sister worked for Disney for a number of years but quit so that Hunter could audition. Why? “Since American Idol now airs on ABC (which is owned by Disney), it was seen as a conflict of interest for him to audition while she was still an employee.”

So far, Metts has already released a debut single called “Loaded Gun”.

ABC reveals that the 22-year-old works as a software developer, and already has over 44,000 followers on Instagram.

As pointed out by a previous Heavy article, the April 11 episode narrowed the Top 24 to Top 16.

And according to Gold Derby, the front-runner to win this season is Grace Kinstler. Kinstler is 20-years-old and sang “Natural Woman” for her first audition. According to the outlet, Kinstler’s original audition has raked in more YouTube views than any of the other finalists.

The outlet projects Willie Spence will come in second, and Chayce Beckham will come in third.

We’ll have to wait and see if their predictions pan out.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays on ABC at 8pm ET/PT.

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