‘Idol’ Alum Jimmie Allen Warns He’ll ‘Roast’ Social Media Trolls

Jimmie Allen in concert 2022

Getty Jimmie Allen performs in Burbank, Ca. on June 23, 2022.

Social media trolls, beware: Jimmie Allen says he’s ready to rumble. The best-selling country music artist issued a warning on Instagram to those leaving mean comments or false statements on his social media posts. If they say something “crazy,” he warned, he will jump in the ring and fight back.

In the first of two reels he posted on July 13, the “American Idol” alum offered his advice to anyone who’s received an unkind comment in their own social media feed, encouraging them to delete it and let it go.

“Here’s one thing I’ll never understand,” he said. “I don’t know how you let someone’s negative comments on your post affect you. Like, seriously. They’re just words by people that say whatever they want to say but would never say that to your face. Like, never. Like, y’all don’t let that bother your day. It’s simple: just delete it.”

Allen Warns He Will ‘Roast’ Anyone Who Comes At Him

However Allen may not take his own advice when people leave rude comments on his own posts. In his second reel, posted shortly after the first, he posted a funny series of quips about how he treats those who write “crazy” comments.

“Just a heads up for all the brave souls out there that one day decides to try me,” he started the video. “Say something crazy in my comment? I’m not like most country singers. I will clap back and you will get roasted! Trust me! So be mindful — just a heads up.”

Laughing, Allen closed the video with, “Happy Tuesday, suckas! So if you feel testy, come see me!”

Music producer and DJ Ric Robbins left a comment on the reel, confirming Allen was speaking the truth. He wrote, “They don’t know. Hahaha. I’m 14 years in with you. I know. Y’all listen to me…he ain’t lyin’!”

Allen Shot Down Commenter Who Questioned His Wife’s Motives

Allen gets especially defensive when people make insensitive comments about his family, including his wife, Alexis Gale. When someone commented that she was only with Allen “for the money,” the singer couldn’t let it go. In a Feb. 2022 interview on The Bobby Bones Show, Allen — who’s known in the industry for his sense of humor, explained how he handled the comment.

“So, somebody said ‘well she’s only with you for the money,’” he said. “So I looked at the dude and said ‘well, first of all…if you think she’s with me for the money, she’d never be with you. Two, she’s not because she had her own money – like, her parents are loaded.”

The dad of three added, “You don’t think just ’cause I’m a singer I’m not going to say what I want to say back to you?”

In a July 6 tweet, Allen encouraged his fans to stand up for themselves like he does. He wrote, “Stand your ground and always be you. Your view points matter and so your do you opinions. Never let the fear of “not being liked” influence how you love or what you stand for.”

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