‘American Idol’ Judges Face Backlash for Golden Ticket Decisions

American Idol Judges

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Each season, judges on American Idol choose which hopefuls get to move on to Hollywood Week following their auditions. Now, they are facing backlash on social media after giving a Golden Ticket to one contestant who fans thought wasn’t worthy but holding the ticket back from one contestant who fans thought should have gotten through.

American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were impressed with the contestant who goes by Yurisbel when he performs, though they compared him at one point to Cookie Monster in terms of his vocals.

Even though his performance was mostly humor, at the end of the performance, both Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie gave the artist a “yes.” Katy Perry, however, said that no one would ever trust her again if she gave him a “yes,” so she said no to Hollywood for him. With two “yes” votes, however, he was able to make it through to Hollywood Week.

Fans Were Upset Yurisbel Got a Golden Ticket & Ace Did Not

Fans took to social media following Yurisbel’s performance to express their thoughts on the fact that he went through to Hollywood. They also expressed that the teenage contestant named Ace should have gotten through instead.

“#AceStiles has a really unique voice,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “Should’ve gone through. Not sure I understand how the Pitbull guy got a Golden Ticket.”

Another wrote, “Why was Ace not given a Golden Ticket?????? That doesn’t make sense. Are you kidding me American Idol? Ace was def one of the best!”

Following Yurisbel’s audition, one person tweeted, “And here I thought American Idol was serious tryouts. That dude had no business getting a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.”

A lot of fans were particularly upset that Yurisbel got through while Ace Stiles did not.

“Is anybody else miffed that Yurisbel went to Hollywood and Ace Stiles didn’t? smdh #americanidol,” one person tweeted.

“I’m just so confused how they said yes to Yurisbel but not Ace,” another person wrote. “Ace actually had an amazing voice and Yurisbel didn’t do anything vocally #AmericanIdol.”

Some Fans Loved Yurisbel

While the judges faced backlash for letting Yurisbel through to the next stage of the competition, other fans did love the unique performance he delivered.

“#AmericanIdol you have struck gold with #Yurisbel he is definitely what @LionelRichie branded him,” one person tweeted. “‘Mascot of fun’ through and through.”

Another wrote, “Alright… #Yurisbel needs his own comedy show. That was hilarious.”

Some fans were also happy with Katy Perry for choosing to say no to Yurisbel.

“I don’t like to be negative to individuals and their dreams… but Yurisbel has no business getting a Golden Ticket on #AmericanIdol,” one person wrote. “I thought his audition even making the show was a throwback to the old era of the absurd getting recognized. Katy was right about credibility!”

Perry tweeted about the audition, writing “If you need an afternoon pick-me-up… like if you’d prefer coffee. Comment if you’d rather have [Yurisbel] barge through the door with those hips.”

American Idol airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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