‘American Idol’ Urged to Make Changes to Judging Panel

American Idol judges

ABC "American Idol" judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan

Some fans of ABC’sAmerican Idol” are urging the show to make changes to the judging panel after the first few episodes of auditions for season 20 aired.

When the show premiered on February 27, 2022, fans were already calling for changes to the panel, specifically in regards to Katy Perry’s presence.

Throughout the next few episodes, fans have been expressing their distaste for the judging panel as a whole, and their desire to see other stars take the spots of Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, as well as Perry.

Some Fans Think Perry Is ‘Rude’

Some fans think that Perry is rude to contestants, and some pointed out how she treated one specific “American Idol” hopeful.

After Ryleigh Madison walked into the room, the judges immediately picked up on her southern accent. Perry, in particular, asked her to tone down her accent.

“I just think that Katy is condescending to the people from the South,” one person said in a Reddit thread.

Madison told the judges that Gabby Barrett, who was on “American Idol” and has since become an award-winning country music star, was her influence. Later, Perry called the contestant Gabby, which some people thought was a slip of the tongue.

“Katy Perry is so annoying when contestants are singing, not to mention super rude,” one person tweeted.

One person tweeted a video of Perry talking to a contestant alongside the caption, “#AmericanIdol please don’t bring Katy back next season.”

“I CANNOT STAND KATY’s ATTITUDE,” another person tweeted. “She always has a slick comment #AmericanIdol.”

One person called Perry “low key an a**hole.”

Some People Miss The Original Judging Panel

Some people don’t specifically dislike the current judging panel, but they do miss the original panel of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson.

“I love the 3 judges on @AmericanIdol Luke, Katy and Lionel but I still miss the old days of @SimonCowell and his honesty & not afraid to speak his mind,” one person tweeted. “Contestants waited to hear him. But still enjoy & great singers this season.”

Another person made a Reddit thread about missing the old judging panel.

“I just can’t with these judges,” they wrote in the post. “Cookie cutter Disney plastic vibe and feel to the show. Nothing feels important. Not that the stuff they did would fly today in 2022, it wouldn’t…but honestly this show should have stayed dead. ABC should have never brought it back. There is nothing exciting about this show anymore.”

“American Idol” ran on Fox for 15 seasons, ending in 2016. Two years later, the show was revived by ABC, which was when Perry, Richie, and Bryan were brought on to the show.

Some people took to the comment section to agree with the poster.

“The judges are so into their sideshow it totally distracts from the contestants,” one person replied. “They are not funny. They have zero chemistry together. They search for meaningful feedback, but it’s so fake and put on.”

Another said they thought the “ABC judges are just patronizing, for me. Which, fine, it’s a Disney show now. But I’d take the original panel (and/or the S8 panel) if it were me auditioning.”

Others did disagree about the original panel, however, specifically about bringing back the original judges.

“I am glad to see the back of Simon, Paula and Randy,” one person replied before specifying why they do not want to see those judges, including saying that “Randy was worthless,” “Simon was always about the drama,” and “Paula feels things and has opinions, but the words never quite come together.”

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on ABC.

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Fonda Sullivan
Fonda Sullivan
3 months ago

To me, it’s not even about the judges. What about the talent? There not even being paid enough to make it. But yet the stupid judges are being paid way to much. Look how Idol did Laine Hardy. We don’t even hear his music on the radio. Becouse he was short changed. Look at Gabby no thanks to Idol. She will do it alone. I hate Idol. Time to make the show about the contestant’s. Not about the judges. Bring Laine back on you will see your ratings go through the roof. Then give him what he deserves and apologize to him. Make it right or Idol is done.

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