‘American Idol’ Winner Just Sam to Release New Song Dedicated to Murdered Friends & Family

Just Sam American Idol

ABC Season 18 finalist Just Sam on 'American Idol.'

Samantha “Just Sam” Diaz won ABC’sAmerican Idol” in 2020, and the singer is now set to release new music.

The “American Idol” champ took to Instagram to announce that she’d be releasing a song that will be very personal to her.

“This next song is very important to me,” she wrote in the post. “After losing many people not only this year but LAST year and the Year before too, I felt it heavy in my heart to create music that was going to be for the people that were lost.”

She continued, “All of the people that this song is going to be dedicated to were murdered. I lost a lot of people to the streets, to gang violence and street violence, but it’s truly tiring having to keep burying my family/friends because of STUPID SH**!!!!!”

Just Sam Shared an Emotional Post About the Song

In her Instagram post, Just Sam shared that she was crying as she wrote the caption. She continued, asking when the violence would end and said that it was happening because “people are too prideful, people are too hurt, people are too angry & people are too used to this ‘HOOD WAY’ or the ‘Street life.'”

She said that she was crying because of all the losses she has experienced due to gun and gang violence.

“It truly hurts my heart,” she wrote. “I’m overwhelmed with sadness. People are already dying of covid and that’s not enough. I know that my music isn’t going to make everyone turn their guns and knives in,  I know that my music isn’t going to take away the years of pain and anger over gang beef & gang war, but I truly do hope to inspire people and get this message out there.”

The new song will be titled “Change,” and Just Sam is dedicating it to her brothers, friends, and loved ones that have been murdered.

“There is so much more that I want to say, but I will continue to put it into my music. This record is being released in September.”

She also thanked her producer for helping with the song.

Just Sam Has Already Released Music Since Her ‘American Idol’ Win

On March 13, 2021, Just Sam released a new single called “Africando,” which she thanked #TeamJustSam for on Instagram as well as her co-songwriter Cat Clark.

“Thank you to #TeamJustSam for making this possible,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to @catclarkmusic for taking the time to write this with me!!! Thank you to anyone who helped me with this project & thank you @distrokid for all that you guys do for us as artists. MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON.”

Later, she shared another post thanking Clark for “putting up with my weirdness” and being understanding.

“You not only help me with my music, but you help me with my entire career, you help me with personal crap and even my health!” she wrote.

She has also shared that “American Idol” has helped her with her confidence, but some fans still wonder what happened behind the scenes with the recording contract she received for winning “Idol” since she is now independently represented.

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