‘American Idol’ Judges Talk Season 20 Auditions, Share Sneak Peek

American Idol

ABC "American Idol" judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan

ABC’s “American Idol” season 20 is set to premiere on February 27, 2022, featuring all-new auditions from across the country in hopes of finding the next big superstar.

“American Idol” features judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan as well as long-time host Ryan Seacrest.

The judges stopped by “Good Morning America” on February 22, 2022, to share some information about the upcoming season.

The Judges Talked About the Chemistry Between Them

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During the sit-down, Hoda Kotb congratulated Richie for being inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, which occurred in early 2022. The singer-songwriter joked with Kotb that he just “wanted to be alive and in living color” in time for the nomination.

“No. It’s… what an honor,” he added seriously. “I’ve kind of been waiting for this one. This is one of the big ones that means I’m still in the business.”

Later, Richie and Bryan were asked about judging together alongside Perry for three years and how the chemistry between the three of them has evolved in that time.

“I think it’s gotten better,” Richie shared. “Honestly, it’s gotten better. Because now, I mean, when we first got in, Luke didn’t know Katy, I knew Luke, but I was wondering if that was going to work… Obviously, 15 seconds after they met, they were old friends.”

He added that the three judges trust each other much more now than they did at first. Bryan said that he thought one of the good things that came from getting closer with one another was being able to tell how far they could take their jokes without someone getting offended.

“I think the fans at home, they want to see us having fun,” he said. “And feel that we’re enjoying the moment too.”

Richie also brought up the fact that Jennifer Hudson, who is now a global superstar, was booted off “American Idol” in the ninth-place spot. She did not win the competition, but she still made it in the industry. He shared that he thought that there’s not a certain place in the competition that means someone will make it.

The judges also talked about the Platinum Ticket, which is a new addition to season 20.

The Judges Also Shared a Sneak Peek

During the interview, the judges were able to share a sneak peek of the upcoming season, which included clips from a powerful audition.

In the clip, Perry showed the others that she got goosebumps, and the judges gave the singer a standing ovation.

The singer in the clip appears to be Nicolina, who is set to appear during the season premiere.

Perry then finally joined the interview and shared her thoughts about the upcoming season.

“Well, it’s the 20th season, and usually that means platinum in a marriage, so it’s definitely platinum talent,” Perry shared. “We’ve been together as judges for five seasons, and I think our bar is just getting higher and higher and our standards. And we might be more jaded.”

She shared, “I think also, a lot of really talented singer-songwriter artist people are coming in and trusting us now.”

Perry also called “Idol” the “cream of the crop” when it came to finding talent.

Perry Is the ‘Toughest’ Judge

In a game of who’s who, the interviewers asked the judges which of the judges is the toughest during auditions. They unanimously said that it was Perry.

When asked why she was so tough, Perry said it’s because the “real world is tough.” She added that she doesn’t think the judge are mean but that they are “firm and fair” and give “constructive criticism” throughout the process.

When it came to who cried the most, Richie and Bryan both called out Richie. Then, when asked which judge always wants to give everyone a Platinum Ticket, Richie received two votes and Bryan received one.

“The nicest guy you’ll ever meet,” Perry said about Richie.

“American Idol” returns on February 27, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.

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