This ‘American Idol’ Judge Is Going Vegan With Their Dog


Katy Perry may have a lot on her plate, but none of it includes animal products. That’s because the 36-year-old is almost 100% ready to be fully vegan after cutting out animal products for the past year, along with her dog, Nugget, according to The Beet.

As the outlet pointed out, Perry is an investor in the plant-based meat brand, Impossible Foods, which is foods made from simple, plant-based ingredients. Her fiance, Orlando Bloom, has undoubtedly been a source of encouragement, as well, as he is vegan.

The singer made the announcement about going vegan on her Twitter page. She wrote, “I’m about 95% ready to be 100% vegan. My dog Nugget has been joining me on this journey for the past four months.” She added, “Pray for us ok.”

As Live Kindly reported, Perry has dressed up as an Impossible Burger on more than one occasion– the first time was at the 2019 Met Gala, and the second was for the music video for Taylor Swift’s You Need to Calm Down. 

Perry also spoke out about meat products during her pregnancy, revealing that she “isn’t really into red meat.”

A huge proponent of eating healthy and exercising, Perry explains to, “I’ve had a lot of opportunity in my life and I know how fortunate I am, but when I don’t have my health, nothing else matters.”

Perry’s Dog

Katy Perry’s dog is also vegan. But is this safe?

According to Hills Pet, it’s safe for dogs to be vegan.

According to the outlet, “Although [dogs are] members of the order Carnivora — which, it should be noted, also includes the giant panda, a species that eats almost exclusively bamboo plants — dogs are actually omnivores. Canine digestive systems are quite capable of digesting and deriving nutrients from fruits and vegetables.”

However, according to researchers at Tufts University, a dog’s digestive system has a much easier time processing animal matter than plant matter.

“Fruits and vegetables are great for providing vitamins and antioxidants that can help your dog thrive, but they lack the necessary amounts of fat and protein.”

Perry’s Workout Routine

How does Perry stay in shape, food aside?

The Roar singer exercises five days a week, according to Pop Sugar.

Her trainer, Harley, tells the outlet, “Katy aims to exercise five days a week, doing short, high-intensity workouts, including lunges and hip thrusts… These tone, as well as boost her metabolism, and can be done anywhere.”

In addition to these workouts, Perry is a fan of hot yoga. quotes her as saying, “I have had a dance with depression, and hot yoga helps clear it all out… If you have a healthy body, it helps you have a healthy mind.”

She also practices Transcendental Meditation. “It clears my head completely,” she tells Prevention. “And it ignites something in my brain. I get some of my best creative ideas when I’m TM’ing.”

She adds, “For me, TM has been anxiety-reducing, depression-reducing, great for jet lag, hangovers, mood swings. Anytime I’m in a funky mood, I’m like, ‘give me 20 minutes.’ It’s an amazing feeling.”

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