Katy Perry Quits Drinking Again: ‘Sober for 5 Weeks’

Katy Perry

Heavy/Getty "American Idol" judge Katy Perry has sworn off drinking for three months

Katy Perry and her longtime love, actor Orlando Bloom, have committed to taking a break from drinking alcohol— and the pop superstar’s not finding her latest attempt at sobriety particularly easy. In New York City for media interviews with her fellow “American Idol” judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, Perry revealed at a cocktail party on March 27, 2023, that she wouldn’t be drinking because she’d been “sober for five weeks,” according to People.

It’s not the first time Perry has taken a break from drinking. The pop star has been known to take sober breaks lasting weeks or even months, which is one of the reasons she co-founded the non-alcoholic apéritif company, De Soi. But the singer admitted that partying with the “American Idol” crew made it tempting to “quit” her current three-month break.

‘American Idol’ Cast Enjoyed Parties & Press in New York City

As part of their time together in New York, the “Idol” cast attended a special event at New York City bar Mister Paradise on March 27. But as others enjoyed curated cocktails with “Idol” themes, People magazine reported that Perry kept her order non-alcoholic.

“I’ve been sober for five weeks today. I’ve been doing a pact with my partner and I want to quit (the challenge),” she said, pretending to cry.

When Bryan asked if she was going to give up and have a drink, she answered, “No, girl! I can’t cave. I made a promise. Three months.”

The bar did have a selection of Perry’s De Soi apéritifs on hand, People said, which were used in some of the cocktails created at the event. Perry’s favorite was The Golden Ticket, which combined a can of De Soi’s Golden Hour apéritif with mint leaves, peeled cucumber slices, and a sprig of rosemary. 

According to the De Soi website, its line of non-alcoholic apéritifs — “a bittersweet botanical beverage meant for sipping slowly pre-dinner” — are made with natural adaptogens like reishi mushroom and ashwagandha to provide a “stress-soothing effect.” 

The cast had to be up early the next morning to appear on “Good Morning America” and on host Ryan Seacrest’s morning show, “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” which he recently announced he’s leaving in April to focus on “Idol” and other projects.

The judges had a jam-packed day of media appearances, causing Perry to be up for nearly 24 hours, with an appearance on QVC at 1 a.m. Eastern time to promote her shoe collection.

Late at night on March 28, she wrote on Instagram, “you up im still up and it’s still shoesday tuesday in my world imma be on @qvc LIVE at 1am EST on your telly/online and let me tell you i am a little loopy i have been up since 4:30am jesus take the wheel and drive fast”

Katy Perry Has Quit Drinking Many Times Before

In January, Perry told Women’s Health that co-founding her beverage company with Morgan McLachlan was inspired in part by her desire for high-quality, non-alcoholic options for when she partakes in sobriety challenges like Dry January, a one-month hiatus from alcohol consumption that’s grown in popularity since British nonprofit Alcohol Change UK started it in 2012, according to Harvard Medical School.

Perry, 38, told Women’s Health that she often stops drinking in mid-January for a period of time, especially if she has a major music project in the works.

“Sometimes when I’m prepping for a tour or album release, I’ll take three or six months where I’m not drinking at all,” she said.

One of the reasons is she can’t drink alcohol like she did in her 20s without noticing the lasting effects, she explained.

“On a weekday, having a couple (of alcoholic drinks) will take me out of the presence game for the next day or two,” she said. “So I like to have a bit of self-control on the weekdays and then have dinners with friends and stuff on weekends or when I’m not working, et cetera. But really it’s about balance.”

In January 2022, Perry told People that the meaning of her beverage company’s name, De Soi, is “pleasure with restraint.”

“Which I love, and that is really a definition for my life,” she said. “I have no shame, being both into alcohol and also being sober curious as well.”

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