WATCH: Keith Urban Surprises Couple at Concert With Life-Changing News

Keith Urban

Getty Keith Urban performs on NBC's "Today" on June 30, 2022.

Country superstar Keith Urban was the bearer of good news for a couple attending his recent concert in Orange Beach, Ala. On Aug. 6, the former “American Idol” judge noticed a couple in the crowd — Shawn and Miranda Fogle — because they were holding up a sign that read, “HELP REVEAL BABY’S GENDER.” Intrigued, he paused the concert and pulled them up on stage.

In footage shared by local news station WKRG, Urban said, “This is what I love about you guys, you’re completely pregnant, you’re like, ‘Anyway, we are going to the concert, that’s what’s happening,’” Urban laughed.

Urban Reveals Baby’s Gender In Front of 10,000 Fans

VIDEO: Navarre couple has baby's gender revealed by Keith UrbanIt was a night to remember for Navarre resident Shawn Fogle and his wife, Miranda, when they were brought onstage by Keith Urban Saturday night at The Wharf.2022-08-07T17:44:01Z

After inviting the Fogles onstage, Urban chatted with the couple in front of an amphitheater filled with approximately 10,000 strangers. Dad-to-be Shawn said he’s in the military, stationed in nearby Navarre, Fla., and that they’re expecting their first baby.

An envelope taped to the couple’s concert sign had the gender results from their doctor inside it. Urban asked whether the couple had any family or friends in attendance for the big moment, but they didn’t. Shawn shared that his dad was actually in town visiting, but that the couple had tickets to see Urban, so left him at home.

After pulling the envelope off the sign, Urban asked his band for a drumroll. Before opening the envelope, he joked, “And the Academy Award for best baby makers…it’s a new category.”

Then Urban, who’s on tour in the U.S. through early Nov., pulled a notecard out of the envelope and showed it to the crowd, exclaiming, “It’s a boy!”

The crowd cheered as the four-time Grammy winner hugged the couple. When he asked the couple if they had actually known it was a boy, Miranda said she did and Shawn said, “I hoped!”

The parents-to-be plan to name their child Hudson Fogle. According to their baby registry, his due date is Sept. 22, 2022.

Urban Was Doting Dad-to-Be When Wife Nicole Kidman Was Pregnant

Urban was happy to help the Fogles discover their baby’s gender, in part because he knows how it feels to wonder. Back in 2008, when wife Nicole Kidman was pregnant with their first child, he told People Magazine that he was very glad they found out they were having a girl in advance.

“I’m very excited about it,” Urban said, without revealing the baby’s gender publicly at the time. “I’m not saying. I’m glad we found out though because it brought it home, you know what I’m saying?”

Kidman recently revealed just how attentive her husband was during that first pregnancy with daughter Sunday Rose, even though he was on tour. In a Dec. 2021 appearance on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” the Oscar-winning actress told co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, “When I was pregnant with Sunday, he got on a plane to fly to Australia to see the first ultrasound and was there for six hours….saw the heartbeat, and then had to fly back to do a show.”

Seacrest, who also hosts “American Idol,” remembered that Urban did something similar when he was a judge, simply because he missed his wife.

“I remember when we were working together, he and I, on ‘Idol,’ and he wanted to take you out on a date and you were in Australia,” Seacrest recalled. “And he left between shows to go to Australia, I think to have dinner with you and come back! And I was so impressed by that, it was so romantic and lovely. It seems like you guys make that kind of commitment to each other, even when you have so much going on.”

Kidman agreed that was true, adding, “I mean, he’s my favorite person.”

The couple’s firstborn, Sunday, is now 14 and the couple also has a second daughter, 10-year-old Faith.

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