This ‘The Voice’ Coach Could Replace Ellen DeGeneres’ Show

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Kelly Clarkson has been hosting The Kelly Clarkson Show for years, and it has become more successful with each season. The Ellen DeGeneres Showon the other hand, has been the subject of plenty of scrutinies in the past few years, and now a report from Page Six states that Clarkson could take DeGeneres’ time slot.

According to Page Six, DeGeneres’ show has been having a hard time holding onto the ratings that it used to get, and there is only one year left in her deal with the network, which she signed in 2019, according to The New York Times. Page Six reported that the network and DeGeneres will be entering talks about the show next month.

Currently, The Kelly Clarkson Show airs directly following DeGeneres’ show in most TV markets, but insiders told Page Six that it’s possible Clarkson’s time slot will move up if DeGeneres’ show does not get renewed.

DeGeneres’ Show Has Been Losing Ratings

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been losing ratings as well as advertisers after DeGeneres herself came under fire for controversial behavior, according to Buzzfeed News. The reports that came out in 2020 included those of a toxic work environment and sexual harassment.

The show, Buzzfeed reported, began losing advertisers and was having a hard time booking celebrities because of the backlash. The projects that the show’s producers and staff were working on slowed down due to lack of revenue.

“We’re trying to be a content house, but we have no content,” an employee told Buzzfeed.

The problem was exacerbated and made clearer to employees after DeGeneres’s 12 Days of Giveaways in December wasn’t nearly as popular as it had been previously and the host gave away smaller, less expensive gifts to the small in-studio audience.

“In a typical year, ’12 Days of Giveaways’ is huge,” an employee of the show shared with Buzzfeed News. “We’ve basically claimed Christmas on daytime TV. When you think of Christmas on TV, you think of The Ellen Show. Everyone wants to be in the audience. Everyone wants the gifts.”

They said that they did not have nearly as many sponsors in 2020 as they had in previous years. Other employees told Buzzfeed that the smaller gifts had more to do with the current state of the world and the inability to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however.

Clarkson’s Show Has Been Increasing in Popularity

According to Page Six, Clarkson’s show launched as the most-watched new daytime talk show in seven years. The show has won a number of Emmy Awards. Clarkson herself won the Emmy Award for best entertainment talk show host.

In December 2020, the music superstar’s show’s ratings increased to the same as DeGeneres’ for the first time ever, the outlet reported.

According to Page Six report, a source said DeGeneres wants out, but the studio would want to keep the time slot.

“Telepictures knows Ellen wants out, but execs want to keep the time slots and put another host in her place,” the source told the outlet. “Kelly would likely get Ellen’s time slots, but Telepictures will fight to keep them.”

The Kelly Clarkson Show airs on weekdays.

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