Kelly Clarkson Reveals She Thought ‘American Idol’ Was a ‘Joke’

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Season one “American Idol” winner Kelly Clarkson has become an extremely successful musician and TV personality since her time on the show, but Clarkson has since revealed that she didn’t take the show all that seriously at the time of the show.

When she was appearing on Kevin Hart’s Peacock talk show “Hart to Heart,” Hart talked about the fact that Clarkson skyrocketed to fame very quickly following her time on “American Idol.” Hart added that Clarkson tried out and had about a “shot in a million” to win the show.

Clarkson shared at that point that she and everyone on the show thought it was a “joke” while they were auditioning.

“We didn’t think it was going to come to anything,” Clarkson told Hart. “Like we were the first season of ‘American Idol,’ so we were there for that paycheck that, after SAG gives you to like pay for some bills. Nobody knew that it would actually come to anything [or] would come to fruition. That’s what everyone hoped, but that doesn’t usually happen.”

Clarkson Is Grateful For Her Fast Rise to Fame

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During her time on the talk show, Clarkson shared that she was grateful for her quick rise to fame because it meant that she was able to skip the certain parts of getting famous.

“I am very thankful for that at the same time,” Clarkson shared. “Because I think I was able to skip the surreal part. Like, it really doesn’t matter to me, in the best sense. It matters, but it matters for the worth I give it.”

She added, “I love what I do and I love singing and I love what you’re able to do with your spotlight. But, I think that because I skipped all that and I was thrown in, there was no time for people to really drill me on, ‘you have to be this, you have to be this.'”

Clarkson Has Said She Hates Certain Parts of Fame

Clarkson stopped by actress Mayim Bialik’s podcast, “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown” earlier this year. During her time there, she talked about the parts of being famous that she finds the hardest.

Clarkson talked about the fact that she always has to worry about her appearance and the pressure she has felt to appear in a certain way. During the interview, Clarkson had on no makeup and pigtail braids, but she said her manager would not want her to look that way.

Clarkson says the pressure to have a certain type of appearance comes from everywhere, even her management.

“I think the biggest thing for me in my whole career is, just being me has been really hard,” she shared. “Like, no manager would ever want me to do this – I have no makeup on.”

She also said that she doesn’t plan on getting any cosmetic surgeries or procedures.

“Any needle that goes in my body is either taking blood to check my thyroid,” she said, adding that she’d be terrified of the work.

“If I weren’t terrified, I would be sitting right here with some double Ds, I’m gonna be real with you because I never had big boobs and I always wanted big boobs, but I’m terrified, and I would never get a boob job,” she said. “Why would I cut myself on purpose?

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