Luke Bryan Agrees to Super Bowl Halftime Show With Fellow ‘Idol’ Judges

American Idol cast

ABC "American Idol" judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie with host Ryan Seacrest in 2021.

Country superstar Luke Bryan has been stepping into all kinds of new jobs lately. On Aug. 1, he tried out the role of “morning show host,” taking a break from touring to fill in for Kelly Ripa on “Live With Kelly & Ryan,” alongside friend and “American Idol” castmate Ryan Seacrest.

During the show, Bryan revealed the Country Music Association has invited him back to host the CMA Awards on Nov. 9 for a second consecutive year, but this time he’ll have a co-host: NFL great Peyton Manning. Peyton is a big country music fan, Bryan told the audience, and the two are longtime friends. Maybe Peyton will help Bryan achieve the third new gig he’s eager to try…

Bryan Wants To Perform at Super Bowl With ‘Idol’ Judges

At the end of “Live With Kelly and Ryan” on Aug. 1, Bryan and Seacrest read through emails sent in by viewers during the show. One fan wrote that the “best” Super Bowl halftime show would be the current trio of “American Idol” judges — Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry.

Bryan exclaimed, “Couldn’t agree more!” The live studio audience erupted into applause over the idea.

“That would be fantastic! I’ll introduce them,” Seacrest chimed in. “That would be great to see what you guys would come up with, and with so many different genres of music.”

Seacrest then turned to the camera and excitedly told viewers, “So, stand by for that!”

It’s not such a far-fetched idea, given that ABC — home of “American Idol” since its reboot in 2018 — will broadcast the Super Bowl in 2026 and 2030, and has turned “American Idol” into one of its top-rated shows.

In addition to impressive TV ratings, “Idol” was also the “most social broadcast series of 2022,” according to IndieWire; the Season 20 premiere generated 1.6 million social media interactions and, on average, over five million people watch online videos of each episode across various social media platforms.

Perry could show her co-hosts the ropes for the big game; she headlined the halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX in 2015. The experience felt so monumental that she got an “XLIX” tattoo on one of her fingers right after her performance.

But it’s a hugely time-consuming endeavor, she told ELLE Magazine. “We love this opportunity, but once you decide you’re gonna do the Super Bowl, you’re gonna have no f***** life for six months,” she said. “It is the biggest thing. Anyone that’s ever done it has been scared sh**less. You stay off the Internet for the five days afterward.”

Richie would likely be on board, given that in 2014 he crossed his fingers after enthusiastically telling TMZ he’d like to perform during a future halftime show.

But Bryan’s interest is a bit surprising, given that he told Jimmy Fallon in 2019 that he was still traumatized by the stress of singing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl in 2017. Perhaps his comfort level with his “American Idol” castmates has given him the confidence that they could make it work.

Bryan Loves the Chemistry of the ‘American Idol’ Cast

Luke Bryan Loves Being an American Idol JudgeLuke Bryan talks about being on American Idol and getting to work Ryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

ABC recently announced that all three judges and host Ryan Seacrest will return for Season 21 of “American Idol,” to begin airing in early 2023. During the Aug.1 episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” Seacrest talked about how much the judges have transformed the show.

Speaking directly to his co-host for the day, Seacrest said, “You and Katy and Lionel being on ‘American Idol’ has been just the greatest thing for us and the show. To recreate that franchise in a way, or evolve it in a way, has been the coolest thing to see happen after all these years, from being there from the beginning. You guys have fun, you respect each other, you take it seriously but not each other so seriously, and it’s kind of the magic of it.”

Bryan said it’s fun thinking back to their first season together, when the judges were “figuring each other out.” Now the three are friends who love to joke around on-set, where “anything we say can really be an amazingly funny TV moment,” he said.

Bryan joked that Perry keeps him on his toes. “Anytime you’re clocking 12 hours a day with Katy Perry, I mean, I am certainly ready for anything that life can throw me!”

And both he and Seacrest gushed over Richie, the newly-inducted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who first hit it big with the Commodores in the 70s and became a hugely successful solo artist in the 80s.

Bryan said people frequently ask him what Richie is like. “The first question people ask me is ‘how’s Lionel Richie?’ I’m like, ‘he’s the number one human being on planet earth. He really is.'”

Seacrest agreed, “He’s the kinda guy you want to meet all your life, and then when you meet him he’s even better.”

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