‘American Idol’ Judge Luke Bryan Calls Out ‘The Voice’ Coach Blake Shelton

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“American Idol” judge and country star Luke Bryan sent a message to fellow country star and “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton in an April 2022 interview on “The Ty Bentli Show,” continuing their on-going feud about who is the better farmer.

Luke Bryan Said His Dad Though It Was Hilarious When He Spent Quarantine Farming Sweet Corn

In honor of Earth Day, Bryan appeared on “The Ty Bentli Show” radio program where he talked about his background growing up on a farm — in fact, Bryan thought “for many, many years” that he would “be in the [agriculture] industry” when he grew up.

But everybody in his small Georgia town was “so supportive” when he wanted to pursue his music career.

“Everybody in our world back home is involved in ag and they’re rallying behind me. … I grew up in a small town and everybody was so supportive of what I was doing and so happy that I was chasing my dreams and following my sucess. Whenever I wrote a song that talked about the farm or even Georgia or my hometown … I always get a good response out of ’em,” said Bryan.

But during the pandemic quarantine, Bryan was “so bored” and “didn’t have anything to do,” so he bought a bunch of farming equipment and planted five acres of sweet corn.

When he told his dad, his dad laughed and said, “Ain’t that something, you moved to Nashville to get away from this and now 18 years later, you’re back to planting corn.”

Bryan Also Said Blake Shelton Is ‘Pretend Farming’

Rise Before Sunrise With Luke Bryan | Ep. 1 | Luke Bryan vs. Blake Shelton | FendtLuke Bryan and Blake Shelton are country music rivals and best friends. Luke gives us his unfiltered thoughts on Blake’s farming skills. – Farmers put in a full day’s work long before the sun rises. So we teamed up with Luke Bryan to bring you Rise Before Sunrise—a content series where Luke is waking up…2021-07-07T13:00:12Z

It is no secret that Bryan and Shelton have had a good-natured feud going for years, so when Bentli asked Bryan about Shelton’s farming skills, Bryan laughed and called Shelton a pretend farmer.

“Oh lord, Blake — he’s pretend farming,” said Bryan, adding, “He’s just putting out like wild grasses, stuff that literally will grow on Mars. I’m actually panting stuff that human beings can enjoy. I’m not feeding a bunch of rabbits and moles and stuff. Blake’s farming, like, earth worms and stuff.”

This is not the first time Bryan has called out Shelton’s farming. In an episode of “Rise Before Sunrise” as part of his partnership with Fendt tractors, Bryan shared some choice words about Shelton’s “farm.”

“Blake calls me all the time … he’s pretty jealous of how much rain we get in Tennessee, so, sorry, Blake, if you’re in Oklahoma, eat your heart out,” said Bryan.

“I’ve actually seen Blake Shelton do farming-type stuff — no question I’m a better farmer than Blake. On a Yelp review, I’ll give him three-and-a-half stars out of five,” said Bryan.

The country stars’ rivalry has been going on for years. Back in 2020, Blake tweeted a fake news screengrab that reads, “Study finds falling asleep at the wheel linked to Luke Bryan music … new studies find that LUke Bryan’s music sucks so bad that many listeners begin to [lose consciousness],” to which Bryan replied, “Your girlfriend is the only reason people are listenign to your last two singles.”

Oooh, burn! The “girlfriend” in question was Gwen Stefani, who is now Shelton’s wife. The two of them collaborated on two songs in 2020, “Nobody but You” and “Happy Anywhere,” both of which charted in the top three on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart.

Poor Shelton just can’t catch a break — in early April 2022, “The Voice” host Carson Daly got in a good zinger on a video of Shelton farming. In the video, Shelton is running behind a tractor shouting, “I love it! We’re farmin’! We’re farmin’!” and Daly wrote in the comments, “You’re about to go into cardiac arrest.”

“The Voice” returns in the fall of 2022. With no spring 2022 season, it is the first time in the show’s history that it will only air one season per year. There is no official word yet as to which coaches are returning.

“American Idol” airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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