‘Idol’ Alum Can’t Believe Success of New Music: ‘I Feel Alive Again’

Why Don't We

Getty Why Don't We performs in 2019

Daniel Seavey went from being a babyfaced fan-favorite on season 14 of “American Idol” to a global heartthrob in the boy band he co-founded, Why Don’t We. But now he’s facing what might be his biggest challenge yet: launching his solo career. With his first single taking off like a rocket, the “Idol” alum is breathing a huge sigh of relief, celebrating his new path and admitting to fans just how hard the last two years have been for him.

Daniel Seavey’s First Solo Single is Skyrocketing

Daniel Seavey then and now

GettyDaniel Seavey on “American Idol” in 2015 and performing in 2022

Amid Why Don’t We’s ongoing legal battles with its management, including allegations of physical and emotional abuse against the group’s manager, the group was forced to go on hiatus in July 2022 just as their world tour — already postponed due to COVID — was to begin.

So, Seavey started playing with songs he’d written but never recorded, and Atlantic Records — the label Why Don’t We was on — agreed to release “Can’t We Pretend That We’re Good?” as a single, effectively launching his solo career at age 23. A haunting music video, filmed in his native Portland, Oregon, was also released on September 30, 2022.

On October 17, Seavey tweeted a screenshot of the latest streaming results for the single, revealing that the song had already been streamed over a million times and wrote, “love you all more than you even know.” Seavey also tweeted a screenshot of his emotional note to his adoring fans.

“I just want to take a sec to say thank you,” he wrote. “These last two years have been harder than words could even comprehend…there’s so so much i’ve just kept to myself because it’s not worth sharing all of it and i also love to stay optimistic and not dwell on the past, but you all have re ignited me. i feel alive again for the first time in a long time. i was dead. life had never thrown so many punches at me. but i kept punching back dreaming a hopeful day like today would come …but today couldn’t come without you all. IM ALIVE AGAIN THANK YOU … THIS IS JUST THE START LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH”

Later that day, he also shared a photo of himself on social media with a huge grin and simply wrote, “im happyyyyyyyyy”

Fans were overjoyed to see Seavey so happy after such a chaotic two years. On top of the stress with Why Don’t We, the multitalented musician also went through a romantic breakup and made headlines in August when an obsessed fan broke into his home, wore his clothes, and slept in his bed while he was out of town.

Daniel Seavey Opens Up About Hard Journey

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Seavey’s release comes one year after he and his Why Don’t We bandmates released an explosive statement on Instagram, claiming that they’d been the victims of abuse at the hand of their management. The band said they were locked in a house where they lived and worked on their music, with extreme food restrictions, daily verbal abuse, a security system that alerted their manager when someone opened a door or window, and tactics that alienated them from their friends and family.

In a press release from Atlantic Records about his new single, Seavey said that facing such stress impacted his songwriting. He would write to process his emotions, not necessarily intending to ever release what he wrote, but later realized they were a reflection of who he’s become, saying “I’m a whole different person” than when he first began his music career.

“So many curveballs in life have changed me,” he said. “In terms of the music though, it’s never shifted. I consistently try to take different sounds and assemble something you’ve never heard before. I’ve always wanted to do this, and I’m excited to be able to now.”

He also opened up during the October 12 episode of Apple Music’s Global Charts Show with Brooke Reese.

“It was an emotional roller coaster the last two years,” he told her. “It was a lot of pretending that we were good.”

“Even with COVID,” he said, “it felt like with the amount of stuff happening in my life, COVID was like the bottom of the list of, like, all this stuff I was dealing with.”

Now that things are looking up for Seavey, including over a million views of the haunting “Can’t We Pretend That We’re Good?” music video, he feels like he has turned a corner.

To celebrate the success of the song and video, he released an acoustic version of the song with a video filmed in a forest in Oregon, and a behind-the-scenes look at making the music video, including reuniting with his grandparents after several years while returning home to film.

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