Noah Thompson’s Girlfriend Posts 21 New Photos Amid Breakup Rumors

Noah Thompson with girlfriend and family

ABC/American Idol Ryan Seacrest talks to Noah Thompson, seated between his grandma and girlfriend Angel Dixon, as she holds their son Walker, in May 2022.

Rumors have been flying for weeks that “American Idol” winner Noah Thompson broke up with girlfriend Angel Dixon, mother of his one-year-old son Walker. He’s denied gossip that he’s dating “Idol” runner-up HunterGirl, but has said nothing about the possible breakup. Now, new social media posts by Dixon — and the comments friends and fans are leaving for her — are adding fuel to the fire.

Dixon and baby Walker appeared on “Idol” multiple times during Season 20, in recorded vignettes about Thompson’s journey from a 20-year-old Kentucky construction worker to a rising country music star, and when they sat on stage during some of his live performances.

In an interview with Music Mayhem Magazine published on July 5, Thompson talked about the joy of reuniting with his girlfriend and son at home in Louisa, Ky., after his big win — and the struggle of adjusting to their new reality, since Thompson continues to be away from home frequently for concerts, meetings, and recording sessions.

“It’s just a whole different lifestyle for all of us,” he said. “Angel and me, we both kind of just had a hard time with it, but we’re getting used to it. It’s different, but it is what it is, you know? But it’s for the better and we both know that. It’s all moving in a positive way and that’s all that matters.”

But shortly after, fans noticed that Thompson and Dixon had unfollowed each other on social media, and he removed photos of her on his Instagram feed. Dixon, meanwhile, still has photos of her and Walker onstage with the “Idol” winner and from his hometown visit on her feed.

Friends & Fans React to Dixon’s Facebook Photo Dump

On July 22, Dixon added 21 photos and eight videos to her Facebook account, in an album titled 2022, all with public viewing settings. Ten of her new photos are selfies with 15-month-old Walker; most were taken in a dimly lit living room, but there are also some of him during bathtime and in his car seat. The bright-eyed toddler has a pacifier or bottle in each photo.

There are also multiple selfies of Dixon alone, and several of her hanging out with girlfriends. Most of the videos are brief clips of her and Walker snuggling on the floor of the same living room seen in the uploaded photos, with the toddler squealing and laughing. Dixon didn’t write any captions on the photos or videos, and none of them included Thompson. While most people commented on how “pretty” Dixon looked or how cute Walker is, several alluded to the ongoing breakup rumors.

One person wrote, “Angel I have prayed things were good. I am so sorry but the good Lord knows best. No respect for you. Right now he isn’t my idol.”
Another wrote, “there will come a day that he will regret.”

Someone also posted a GIF with flashing hearts that read, “Sending hugs and love.”

This photo dump comes on the heels of another set of photos from Dixon that recently fueled rumors of a breakup. On July 8, she posted two professional photographs of herself on Instagram, with wildflowers tucked into the waistband of her jeans, and wrote the caption “flowers grow out of dark moments.”

Thompson Stays Busy, Remains Mum About Rumors

Thompson shared his own collection of photos with his little boy on July 2, captioning the post — which he uploaded to Instagram and Facebook — “Love this little dude more than anything. #littleboy #rotten #fatherandson” and, at the time, Dixon shared the post to her own Facebook page with two red hearts.

Since then, he’s posted two previews of his upcoming single, a country version of Rihanna’s hit “Stay,” to be released on July 29. In one preview, he sang a snippet from inside his truck and the other preview featured an excerpt of the actual recording.

Thompson first performed that song during Hollywood Week on “American Idol,” and explained to judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie what inspired his choice.

“This isn’t a song I would usually do,” he told them, “but it reminds me of being back home because it is a song me and my girlfriend Angel would sing together.” He did not mention this connection in either post about the new recording, however.

On July 21, the day before Dixon added her new photos and videos to Facebook, Thompson spent time in Prestonburg, Ky., according to a Facebook post from local Q95 radio personality Allen Bolling. In Prestonburg, about 45 minutes from Thompson’s hometown of Louisa, the rising country star spent time at the radio station, and also sang and signed autographs for residents of a local nursing home.

At the time of publication, Thompson nor Dixon have commented publicly on their relationship status.