‘American Idol’ 2022 Winners & Spoilers: Top 3 Live Results

American Idol Live Recap

ABC "American Idol"

On the May 8, 2022 episode of ABC’s “American Idol“, the top 5 artists performed two songs each live coast-to-coast with hopes of receiving enough votes from viewers to make it through to the top 3 and the finale.

During the episode, the artists were mentored by “American Idol” winner and country music superstar Carrie Underwood before performing live for the audience.

Read on below for a live recap of the results as they aired. If you’d rather just have a list of which contestants made it through and which were eliminated, scroll to the bottom for that.

WARNING: Spoilers for the Top 5 performances and top 3 reveal episode of “American Idol” follow. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know who made it through to the Top 3. 

‘American Idol’ Top 5 Live Recap

The episode started with Ryan Seacrest welcoming the top five contestants to the show – Nicolina, Fritz Hager, Huntergirl, Noah Thompson, and Leah Marlene. Throughout the week, they worked with Carrie Underwood and prepared their songs.

Ryan also welcomed judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

First up performing was Huntergirl, who was very excited to meet her own Idol Carrie Underwood. She performed “Undo It.” The judges loved it. Lionel told her that she owned the stage and said the performance was “spectacular.”

The second performance of the night went to Leah Marlene. She said that she performed a lot of Carrie Underwood songs when she was younger, but chose to perform “I’ll Stand By You” based on Carrie’s cover of the song. The judges had nothing but positive things to say, with Katy saying that “you held your own a capella with Carrie Underwood.”

Fritz Hager then took on his own Carrie Underwood song. He performed a newer Carrie Underwood song, “I Wanna Remember,” which she sang with NEEDTOBREATHE. Luke called it a “great interpretation” of the song and complimented the way Fritz interacts with his guitar, and Lionel complimented his stage presence.

Then, Noah Thompson took the stage with a cover of “So Small.” Carrie gave him advice about connecting with the audience. It was his best performance of the season, and it was clear to see that he was happy to be back on the stage. Lionel praised him for being believable and telling stories through his performances.

Last in the first round was Nicolina. She sang Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away.” Katy loved the last “scream cry” in the song, and she said that she Nicolina always puts on a fun performance, adding “I’m just so proud of your growth.”

Then, Finneas stopped by to perform a song.

The next round was “a song that could close the show.”

Leah chose to sing “Separate Ways” by Journey for the second round. Katy said the competition was becoming “cutthroat,” and Luke called it a “dynamic performance.”

Next up was Huntergirl, who sang “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town. The judges adored the version of the song. Lionel called it “amazing,” and Katy said she had a “girl crush” on Huntergirl.

Fritz then took the stage to perform his last performance of the night. He sang “Youngblood” by 5 Seconds of Summer. It was the most high-energy of his performances to date, and he still took the time to connect with the audience. Katy was speechless after the performance, and it took the crowd a long time to calm down.

Nicolina was the second-to-last to perform, choosing “All I Ask” by Adele. The judges loved it, with Lionel calling it an “‘American Idol’ treasured moment,” and Katy said that Nicolina came to “plaaayy.”

The last performance of the night went to Noah, who chose the song “Working Man” by Larry Fleet. Lionel asked fans to vote for Noah, and Katy said he “aced” the test.

Who Is Going Through to the ‘American Idol’ Finale?

After a quick break where voting closed and the votes were tallied, Ryan announced which of the artists would be making it through to the top three and which would be out of the competition ahead of the finale.

“American Idol” season 20 top 3:

  • Huntergirl
  • Noah Thompson
  • Leah Marlene

Each of the top 10 will be performing during the three-hour finale event, however. That airs next Sunday, on May 22, 2022 at 8 p.m. Eastern time live coast-to-coast.

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Melba Suates
Melba Suates
1 month ago

Wow! I really expected Nicolina to be in the top 3 very disappointed, because she did deserve to be in the next round. Oh well………………

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