Former ‘American Idol’ Judge Says They Caught Keanu Reeves In His Underwear

Keanu Reeves


Former American Idol judge and current music icon Paula Abdul has worked with many famous faces from all around Hollywood.

In an episode of The TalkAbdul opened up about what it was like to work with Keanu Reeves on the set of her “Rush Rush” music video. The song premiered in 1991 when Reeves was not yet a superstar in Hollywood.

Abdul revealed that she had quite the surprise when she went to introduce herself to her costar at his trailer on the first day of shooting.

Abdul Caught Reeves in His Underwear

Abdul went to Reeves’ trailer to welcome him to the shoot, but he hadn’t been expecting visitors at the time.

“I went to introduce myself and I heard music playing and the door to his trailer was slightly ajar,” she said. “I knocked on it. Nothing. I slowly pushed it open and he had his headphones on and was full-on air-guitaring in his underwear. I just said, ‘Okay! I’ll meet him on set!”

Reeves has openly talked about his involvement in the video as a fond experience for him though he was talking about being on drugs at the time, according to The Guardian.

“To dispel that [reputation], I did some things that I wouldn’t normally have done,” he said. “Like a Japanese commercial to pay the rent or a video with Paula Abdul.

There have also been dating rumors surrounding Abdul and Reeves, but Abdul dispelled those during an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2019. In response to a question about whether she had ever dated the younger actor, she responded, “I wish.”

On the same episode, when asked if she had ever dated her co-judge on Idol, Simon Cowell, Abdul had a much stronger response, saying, “Oh, no! No! Ew, no!”

Abdul is Now a Panelist on ‘The Masked Dancer’

In other Paula Abdul news, the superstar recently began appearing as a panelist on Fox’s new show The Masked Dancer. According to Insider, Abdul got involved with the show because she knew the producers from her days on American Idol and X-Factor.

Her Idol costar Randy Jackson also received his own show, becoming the new host of Name That Tune on Fox.

Not only has Abdul been busy with Masked Dancer but she’s also been focusing on staying in shape.

In a recent interview with Well + Good, Abdul talked about taking care of herself and staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The most important thing for me is that I incorporate movement every day,” Abdul shared with the outlet. “Even if I’m binge-watching TV, if there’s a commercial break, I mute it and turn on the music and dance or hop on my own machine. This way, I know that even if I’m getting in 10 minutes of movement a few times a day, at least I’m doing something.”

She shared, “Movement is my body’s best friend because it lubricates the joints.”

The Masked Dancer airs on Wednesday nights on Fox.

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