VIDEO: ‘American Idol’ Star Pia Toscano Performs New Song on ‘Sherri’

Pia Toscano Performs “Walk Through The Fire”

Sherri / YouTube Pia Toscano Performs “Walk Through The Fire”

Better late than never! “American Idol” season 10 ninth place finisher and singer Pia Toscano is set to release her debut album “I’m Good” this Friday, October 14, eleven years after recording her first album, which never saw the light of day.

To promote the forthcoming album, Toscano appeared on Sherri Shepherd’s new talk show to perform her latest single, “Walk Through The Fire”, and talk about resilience, working with Usher and Nasri, and her upcoming movie “1660 Vine”.

Watch Toscano’s performance below.

Pia Toscano Talks Working With Usher: ‘Like a Therapy Session’

Pia Toscano has faced a lot of rejection throughout her career, so it is fitting that her latest single is titled “Walk Through The Fire”.

After auditioning unsuccessfully for “Idol” four times, the singer made it through to the live shows, only to be eliminated ninth, in one of the most shocking eliminations in the show’s history.

Toscano describes some of her biggest career setbacks to Billboard, including how she recorded 60 songs for the record label Interscope, only to have one see the light of day. Another one of the 60 songs, “Heart Attack”, went on to be re-recorded by Demi Lovato, and became a top ten hit for Lovato. Toscano was later dropped by Interscope, and her planned 2011 debut album remains recorded, yet never released.

After gaining opportunities to work with “Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, as well as musician David Foster (who is married to previous “Idol” contestant Katharine McPhee), Toscano worked with Usher and Nasri on her new debut album “I’m Good”, which comes out this week.

After her “Sherri” performance, Toscano spoke with host Shepherd about working with both musicians, who co-wrote “Walk Through The Fire”, describing the experience as “like a therapy session.”

“This album was so healing to make,” Toscano said, “and you know music is that way, especially during the pandemic. It just changes lives and really helps you get through things, and that’s what this album is.”

Pia Toscano On Her New Movie ‘1660 Vine’

Pia Toscano also speaks with Sherri Shepherd about her upcoming movie, “1660 Vine”, which premieres November 3 and includes choreography by “Idol” judge Paula Abdul.

“It’s a movie-musical,” Toscano tells Shepherd, “Actually, the character that I play, Rose, her story is so similar to what I’ve been through, so it just feels like the right fit. It’s just funny how things happen, you know?”

According to the film’s official website, “1660 Vine” is “an ensemble story of makeup tutorialists, stunt artists, models, pranksters, gamers, vloggers, and musicians who, though each on their own path, have found community in the luxury Hollywood apartment building they (temporarily) call home: 1660 Vine Street.”

Toscano spoke more about her character Rose in a “Meet the Cast” video on the “1660 Vine” YouTube page.

“When I first received the script, it gave me the chills, because there were so many similarities [between myself and Rose],” Toscano said, “Rose was my grandmother’s name, it is my godmother’s name, and it’s also one of my middle names. I chose it at confirmation because the name was so special to me. And Rose deals with a lot of the same issues that I do in my career.”

The only difference between the two, according to Tuscano?

“She’s a country singer, and I’m a pop singer.”

Pia Toscano’s album “I’m Good” comes out on October 14 on all major streaming platforms. Her movie “1660 Vine” comes out on November 3 on streaming and in select theaters.

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