Former ‘American Idol’ Judge Lands New Reality TV Show

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Tonight, January 6, is the premiere of a rebooted Fox game show called Name That Tune, in which Randy Jackson will be the bandleader.

In a recent interview with The Wrap, Jackson shared, “You’ll see it when you’re watching the show, people are singing the lyrics in their own head to themselves, hoping the the title comes out. But the tough part about the show is you’ve got to name the title correctly, exactly. It can’t be a roundabout, adding a word here. It’s got to be the exact title or it’s wrong.”

Teaser: TV's Most Iconic Music Guessing Game Returns | Season 1 | NAME THAT TUNEDon't miss the premiere of NAME THAT TUNE, WED January 6th only on FOX! Subscribe now for more Name That Tune clips: Like FOX on Facebook: ‪‬‬ Follow FOX on Twitter: ‪‬‬ Beloved one-hour musical game show NAME THAT TUNE, tests contestants’ music knowledge as they battle it out in an assortment of challenging…2020-12-16T19:41:50Z

Jackson added that the final round of each episode, called “Bid-a-Note”, involves contestants giving clues to guide their guesses, along with following the notes.

“That’s why you see some people saying, ‘Oh, I think I know what this is, I can name this in one note.’ And I play the note and they name it. And you’re like, how did you figure that out? They figured out from the clue the only answer it could possibly be to them. And either they get it right or dead wrong. So it’s taking a huge leap of faith. This game is a lot harder than it seems. People will be at home watching the show yelling at the screen, ‘How do you not know!’ And I did that as a kid. But it’s hard.”

The show will be hosted by Jane Krakowski.

The Series Was Shot in Australia

According to The Wrap, the show was shot over a two-week period in Sydney, Australia, after a two-week mandatory quarantine.

And what are the competitors vying for? An $100,000 grand prize.

Executive producer Paul Franklin says of the memory recall aspect of the game, “It’s the worst feeling, because it’s like suddenly they’re playing the beginning of [Eminem’s] ‘Lose Yourself’ and you’re like ‘Is it called “One Shot”?? Why don’t I know what it is!’ Our contestants are better than that, but if you’re sitting at home and you’re like ‘Ah, I know that song!’ That’s why the show works and why it’s worked for so many years. It’s for contestants to play, but more than that, it’s for people at home to play.”

Jackson Is a Former ‘American Idol’ Judge

Fans may recall that Jackson, 64, is a former American Idol Judge. The Louisiana native started playing the bass guitar at age 13, and rose to prominence in the 1980s as a musician playing bass guitar for jazz, pop, and R&B performers.

In May of last year, Jackson worked as a bassist for the band Journey. (He had previously played with the band in 1986.) In addition, Jackson spent years working as a record producer and executive with Columbia Records and MCA Records.

A hit judge on American Idol, Jackson joined the team, along with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, in 2002.

Name That Tune premieres on Wednesday at 9pm ET/PT on FOX.

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