Ryan Seacrest Bares His Legs & Stuns Producer After Wardrobe Malfunction on Live TV

Ryan Seacrest

Getty Images Ryan Seacrest at an iHeart Radio event in June 2022.

Ryan Seacrest has worn lots of hats as a TV host and producer, but he keeps running into issues with his pants! After making news for having to change his underwear in the middle of a live “American Idol” show in May 2022, issues with his pants have put him in the headlines again, two days in a row.

One day after an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on his live TV morning show, Seacrest opted to trade in his pants for “schoolboy” shorts on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” sending fans into a frenzy. Here’s how it all went down…

Seacrest Caught With His Fly Down on Live TV

On the Aug. 2 episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” with fashion expert Carson Kressley filling in for vacationing Ripa, Seacrest discovered his pants were unzipped as soon as he sat down at the host table.

In a clip posted to the show’s website, viewers got a quick glimpse of Seacrest’s open zipper as he took his seat, around the 34-second mark. It then appeared that someone on the staff alerted him to the problem, as he looked down and exclaimed, “By the way, my fly is down.”

As Seacrest zipped up, Kressley exclaimed, “What!? I guess you’re just happy to see me!”

“I just threw this on at the last minute,” Seacrest explained, “because I saw what you were wearing, had to make a quick change.”

Kressley then assured him, “No, it looks fantastic.”

Seacrest dealt with another wardrobe malfunction — also involving his pants — during the live finale of “American Idol” on May 22, when he had to change his underwear in the middle of the three-hour show. Billboard reported that Seacrest’s longtime stylist, Miles Siggins, informed him during a commercial break that his pants were creating a noticeable bulge on-screen and that a quick underwear change was necessary.

“There was just panic about it,” he told Ripa on their morning show. “Apparently, America voted and said there was anatomy in the shot.”

Seacrest Gives Up On His Pants, Trading Them For Shorts

Now the internet is abuzz about Seacrest’s wardrobe once again, the day after the zipper mishap.  During the Aug. 3 episode of “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” he decided to wear dress shorts with a coordinating blazer — a look that got mixed reactions right out of the gate.

As he sat down at the host table, he laughed about the reaction from producer Lori Schulweis, whose nickname is Schully. He told the audience that as he was walking out on stage, “Schully literally had the most surprised face I’ve ever seen in my life!”

His co-host for the day, comedian and author Ali Wentworth, remarked, “Listen, I love shorts and a loafer and a jacket!”

Seacrest had a bit of difficulty explaining the reason for his bare legs, though, first jokingly claiming that designers are now creating “suit shorts” due to rising temperatures from climate change.

Then he said, “The reason I put this on is I’ve been waiting for a special occasion, and the weather, and I read this article that shorts are the new skirt.”

The host then referenced a print-out of the article in front of him.

“Yeah, it says ‘shorts are finally making the big comeback for both — well, it says for women, but for both men and women,” he said sheepishly. As Wentworth looked wide-eyed at the giggling audience, Seacrest admitted, “I didn’t read the whole article!”

Wentworth laughed, “Do you want to go change?”

Fans weren’t sure what to make of the shorts-and-coat-combo, which Wentworth joked could be called a “shoot” — combining the words “shorts” and “suit.” Seacrest isn’t the first celebrity to wear such a combo; GQ says shorts with a blazer is designer Thom Browne’s signature look, and stars like Pharrell Williams, A$AP Rocky and LeBron James have given the look a try.

But bare-legged Seacrest got the internet fired up, with some fans loving the bold choice, while others hated it.

On an Instagram photo montage posted by the “Live With Kelly and Ryan” account, one fan wrote, “This look must never happen again” while the next comment read, “I love this look!!!!!”

Another viewer commented, “Go put some pants on that’s not a good look on you if it was regular shorts maybe but not slack shorts”

And a fan who posted three applause emojis noted, “And your fly is zipped!!”


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