‘American Idol’ Season 19: Top 16 Results Predictions

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ABC’s American Idol aired performances from the top 24 contestants and opened voting up to the public on Sunday, April 4 and Monday, April 5, 2021. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie all gave their feedback to their contestants, but they were not directly involved in who will ultimately move forward in the competitions.

The “All-Star Duets and Solos” round featured performances from all 24 of the remaining American Idol contestants alongside 12 renowned artists like Josh Groban, Jewel, Brandon Boyd, Jason Aldean, Brian McKnight, Katharine McPhee and Tori Kelly.

Though the vote is sometimes hard to predict, we do have some ideas about who we think will be moving through to the next round of the competition based on previous performances.

Night One: Who Will Move On?

Iconic! Alyssa Wray Covers Carrie Underwood & SLAYS Duet With Katharine McPhee! – American Idol 2021"Sheesh! You’d think there was something magical in American Idol’s water, especially after seeing Alyssa Wray perform Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water” for her Top 24 solo! It takes some real confidence, courage and talent to cover a Whitney Houston song, which is exactly why Alyssa Wray and the incredible Katharine McPhee were the…2021-04-05T00:25:59Z

Since the competition was split up into two groups, viewers voted separately on performances to decide who will be moving on.

Here’s who competed for the eight spots available on night one:

Alanis Sophia
Cassandra Coleman
Alyssa Wray
Wyatt Pike
Anilee List
Deshawn Goncalves
Graham DeFranco
Andrea Valles
Cecil Ray
Willie Spence
Grace Kinstler

From this round, the shoe-ins for the highest number of votes received seem to be Grace Kinstler and Graham DeFranco. Fans loved their performances the night of, and they’ve also been fan-favorites so far in the competition.

This group is so talented that it’s hard to decide who we think may be going home, but there are a few contestants we believe might not make it through to the next round. Fans on Twitter did not seem as impressed with country singer Cecil Ray as they were with the other contestants, and Cassandra Coleman’s performance might not be enough to earn her the number of votes necessary.

If we had to guess, the contestants moving forward from night one will be Alanis Sophia, Alyssa Wray, Alana, Anilee List, Deshawn Goncalves, Graham DeFranco, Willie Spence, and Grace Kinstler.

Night Two: Who Will Move Forward?

Incubus' Brandon Boyd Duets With Chayce Beckham + An Emotional Solo Performance – American Idol 2021The apple of Apple Valley’s eye, Chayce Beckham! Chayce does not disappoint with his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Afterglow,” giving us a cool, confident, and captivating Top 24 solo performance. Just when we thought we couldn’t get any better than that, the legendary Brandon Boyd joins Chayce on the American Idol stage to duet the…2021-04-06T00:58:52Z

Here’s who competed for the eight spots available on night two:

Jason Warrior
Madison Watkins
Hannah Everhart
Mary Jo Young
Chayce Beckham
Colin Jamieson
Liahona Olayan
Ava August
Caleb Kennedy
Hunter Metts
Casey Bishop

There are quite a few stand-out contestants in this group, but while the show was airing, fans on Twitter seemed to think that this group wasn’t quite as strong as the one from night one.

We think the following contestants will make it through from this group: Jason Warrior, Beane, Chayce Beckham, Liahona Olayan, Ava August, Madison Watkins, Hunter Metts and Casey Bishop.

Here’s what the schedule for the rest of the season looks like, according to the two sites:

  • Sunday, April 4: Top 24 Perform
  • Monday, April 5
  • Sunday, April 11: Top 16 Perform
  • Monday, April 12
  • Sunday, April 18
  • Monday, April 19
  • Monday, April 26
  • Sunday, May 2
  • Monday, May 3
  • Sunday, May 9
  • Monday, May 10
  • Sunday, May 16
  • Monday, May 17
  • Sunday, May 23: Three-hour finale

At the time of writing, the season finale of American Idol is scheduled for Sunday, May 23, though it’s possible that will change at some point.

Tune in to American Idol on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific to see which of the contestants do ultimately move forward in the competition.

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