Well-Known Actress Wishes She Slept with Ryan Seacrest for Career Gain

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While discussing her regrets on Lisa Verpump’s new E! series, “Overserved”, Tori Spelling confessed that she wishes she had taken her shot with Ryan Seacrest.

Per US Weekly, when Spelling was asked which celebrity she should have slept with that she didn’t, Spelling replied, “Ryan Seacrest. It was when he first started. I didn’t know, I was on 90210 and I was like ‘Oh, whatever.’ I would have been dating up!”

When Jeff Lewis, who is also a part of the series, quipped that the actress “would not be worrying about money” today if she had stayed with Seacrest, Spelling replied, “I could be a Kardashian right now.”

That being said, Spelling had a tight window, since Seacrest only appeared briefly on the series. He made a cameo during a 2000 episode in the final season of the show; during his debut, he appeared alongside Spelling and Matt Durning.

According to Marie Claire, while Seacrest has long been “tight-lipped” about his relationship status, all signs point to him being single. Most recently, he was on and off dating chef and entrepreneur Shayna Taylor. The two split in 2020.

More on ‘Overserved’

Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump is the latest reality series from E!.

When Vanderpump sat down with ET recently, she shared of the series, “We were cooking and we were decorating tables and we were having fun … and I just thought, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be fun to do something documenting all of this?’”

The series does just that– it documents Lisa’s conversations with a variety of celebrity friends as they enjoy a meal. According to the outlet, Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, her daughter, Pandora, and her husband, Jason Sabo, appear in a handful of episodes.

“[The production company] said, ‘Who would you want to have to dinner?’ This was the fun part,” she shared. “You can literally say, ‘I want to meet that person. Reach out to them, see if they’ll come to dinner.’”

Spelling’s Inheritance

In addition to talking about Seacrest on a recent episode of the show, Spelling was asked questions about the $800,000 inheritance she received from her late father, Aaron Spelling,when he passed.

Lewis, per US Weekly, said, “Her father died. Obviously had a huge, huge, huge net worth. Although it sounds like a lot of money, it ended up being a very, very small amount based on what he was worth. It’s public what you inherited, right? So, if her father was worth hundreds of millions of dollars, she inherited $800,000.”

Vanderpump then mused that perhaps it was done as a favor. She said, “As a woman who is kind, compassionate, and hard-working, maybe you wouldn’t be that if you inherited hundreds of millions of dollars. You wouldn’t have the incentive.”

Spelling replied, “I think I always would have had that drive. I’m built like my dad. But what if he gave me that $50 million and what if with that $50 million, I had changed the world?” she said. “What if I am the fierce, hustler, businesswoman I am today but with that? … I guess we’ll never know.”

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