Fans Outraged at the Way ‘American Idol’ Treated Normandy


During the “American Idol” season 20 premiere episode, a girl with a very high voice named Normandy auditioned by singing Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” and Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” Her singing voice was so different from her speaking voice that judge Katy Perry left the room in a huff because she doesn’t like being set up.

But in the end, all three judges sent Normandy through to Hollywood. However, if you’ve been looking for her during the Hollywood Week episodes, she has been nowhere to be found. In a series of TikTok videos, Normandy has explained what happened, much to her fans’ outrage.

Normandy Says ‘American Idol’ Disinvited Her to Hollywood

Apparently, receiving a golden ticket to Hollywood does not actually mean you are going to advance out of the audition round on “American Idol.”

As Normandy explained:

I keep getting a lot of comments about “Why did you quit ‘American Idol?'”, “Why aren’t you on the show, what’s going on?”‘ So I’m going to do a brief answer of that. This isn’t me bashing “American Idol” or anything like that, I’m just gonna educate you guys on how these shows work a little bit.

So we filmed the auditions back in October and Hollywood week was back in December. So late November, I got a call from Fremantle, which is the production company, and they told me that I would not be going to Hollywood Week. This is very, very common because they get hundreds of people that they give yesses to and so not everyone can go to Hollywood Week because it’s too many people.

And there were people that got farther than me in the show and their auditions didn’t even air, so just to kind of let you know a little bit about that. Yep, that’s what happened.

Some fans encouraged her to try out again and in a follow-up video, Normandy explained that she’s too old.

“I keep getting comments about ‘come back again next year’ and I am too old to go back next year. The age limit is 29 — 28, 29. I auditioned, I was 28, so now I’m 29,” said Normandy.

“I wish they would kind of update this because I know a lot of people in their 30s and 40s, even higher than 50s, that are really talented and I think would be a great representation for America,” said Normandy, adding, “‘The Voice’ doesn’t have an age limit, so that’s cool. But I cannot do next year [on ‘American Idol’]. So a lot of you guys wanted to follow my journey on ‘American Idol,’ but you can just follow me on social media.”

She also said that she’s working on merchandise and a “Kitten Nugget” cartoon, and she is filming a music video later this year.

Normandy ended by telling her fans, “Thank you guys so much for supporting [me], I love you guys so much. And yeah, it’s been very confusing for me too, guys. I’m just as confused as you guys are.”

In a third video, Normandy urged her fans not to boycott the show because of what happened.

“Please don’t stop watching ‘American Idol.’ There’s a lot of really talented contestants on the show that deserve to be heard. Also, the people that work on the set work very, very hard. I was not treated poorly. I have no anger or animosity for not being on the show,” said Normandy.

Normandy’s Fans Are Outraged to Learn About How ‘American Idol’ Works

American Idol 2022 Auditions Normandy with the Squeaky VoiceFor more check out mjsbigblog.com2022-04-01T09:53:02Z

In the comments on her videos, Normandy’s followers are dismayed and saddened to learn that the “golden ticket” is not necessarily a ticket to Hollywood, which is how the show presents it.

“So a ‘yes, you’re going to Hollywood’ is really a ‘maybe,'” wrote one fan, adding, “That really sucks cuz your performance really stood out to me. Don’t stop pursuing your singing career.”

Several fans thought “American Idol” just used Normandy for ratings and viewers.

“That doesn’t sound right. It sounds like they only used you for views. I hope you’re able to go further without them!” wrote one fan, with another adding, “Oh, so they lie to people and kill their dreams but still air audition for views.”

Another added, “I was wondering where you were. I was rooting for you, girl!”

A lot of commenters called it “sad” that she wasn’t included in Hollywood Week because they think Normandy is very talented and other fans called it “BS,” “fishy” and “sus,” which is short for “suspicious.”

“I don’t like that, Normandy, that sounds sus on their part,” wrote one fan. Another wrote, “I’m so sorry, girl. That’s really messed up.”

A third wrote, “I stop watching ‘American Idol’ because I knew about the fishy behind the scenes and didn’t like it.”

A lot of fans encouraged Normandy to try out for “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent,” but she said she has already tried both of those shows and they are not interested.

“American Idol” is currently in its 20th season. It airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.

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