‘American Idol’ Viewers ‘Confused’ By Top 24 Decisions

American Idol

ABC American Idol's Jordan Chase

Fans of ABC’s “American Idol” are upset with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie after the top 24 contestants for season 20 of the show were revealed.

On April 10, the top 24 performances will be shown. They were filmed in Hawaii at Aulani, which is a Disney Resort & Spa. During the episode, Jimmie Allen and Bebe Rexha will mentor contestants.

The top 20 will be revealed the following week, during the April 17, 2022 episode. That is also when the live shows for the season begin.

Fans Don’t Agree With Decisions Made by the Judges

The judges had all the say on which artists made it through to the top 24, which meant that some fans were upset with certain decisions.

In the Reddit live thread, fans talked about why they didn’t agree with some of the decisions made by the judges.

“Oof I am not agreeing with the judges on most of their selections this season,” one person wrote.

Some comments applied to contestant Jordan Chase, who was partnered with Platinum Ticket contestant Kenedi Anderson.

Another person commented, “Jordan going home but Cameron went through??? make it make sense”

“I thought Jordan sounded great. Bummer that he’s gone,” a reply reads.

When Kelsie Dolin was sent home, fans were confused about that as well.

“I’m legitimately shocked! Based on the edit she’s gotten all season I thought for sure she’d be top 24,” one Reddit reply reads.

Another comment reads, “WHAT?! No no no no no no no no THIS IS A F***ING JOKE.”

Some viewers of the show took to Twitter to share that they were confused by the decisions of the judges.

“Some of the people they’re sending home are better than the people they keep. I’m so confused. #AmericanIdol,” one person tweeted.

Another tweet read, “Wtffff Kelsie should have made it to top 24 over a lot of those people?? I’m so confused??”

When Dakota Hayden and Dan Marshall were placed up against each other, one person said they thought it was unfair to earlier contestants that one of them was going through.

“Kelsie, Betty, so many others were better than these two country boys,” they wrote. “The judges need to stop taking stimulants #AmericanIdol.”

Talking about the same performance, one person wrote in the Reddit thread, “How did one of these two make it over jordan.”

Fans Want Judges to Stop Being ‘Cruel’ to Contestants

In the episode that aired on Monday, April 4, the judges told the top 59 contestants whether or not they made it into the top 24 for season 20 of the show. In most cases for people who did make it through, the judges would make it sound like they did not make it before delivering the good news.

Some fans saw the tactic as cruel.

In the live discussion on social media, including on the Reddit live thread, fans begged the judges to stop faking out the contestants.

One person wrote, “These are people’s lives at stake and they tease them with fakeouts. Make it stop dear God pls.”

“THREE. THREE FAKE OUTS. What has American Idol become?” one person commented.

Another person wrote, “This is downright cruel AF!!” after the judges spoke with an extremely emotional Fritz Hager and at first told him he wasn’t making it through and then told him that he was. At the same time, one person wrote, “These fakeouts feel criminal at this point.”

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.

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