WATCH: ‘American Idol’ Contestant Comforted by Judges While In Tears

Hunter Metts

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Hunter Metts was not happy with his performance on American Idol on Sunday night, but the judges were there to help wipe his tears away.

The 22-year-old sang “Falling Slowly” from the film Once, and towards the end of the song, he forgot the words. Metts immediately broke down in tears, but the judges told him it was his best performance to date.

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Richie, always the one to support singers, shared his own experience forgetting the lyrics to one of his songs and explained that Metts forgetting the words made the experience even more real and relatable.

Perry agreed, telling Metts, “perfection is an illusion.”

What do we know about the singer?

His Sister Quit Her Job So He Could Audition

According to Hollywood Life, one notable fact is that Metts’ sister quit her job so that Hunter could audition for the show.

Why? She worked at Disney, and since it’s ABC’s parent company, there was a conflict of interest.

Hunter told Hollywood Life, “This is my third time trying to come to American Idol… My first time, [my sister] was currently working at Disney, and it was seen as a conflict of interest. The following year when I expressed interest in doing it again, she quit her job.”

These days, Metts works as a software developer as his day job.

To date, he has performed Noah Cyrus’ “July”, Kaleo’s “All the Pretty Girls”, and more. Metts also took the stage with Jewel a couple of weeks ago to sing her hit single, “Who Will Save Your Soul.”

After the song, Bryan said, “The beauty of you is if you have a great night, an okay night, not a great night. You still have such an undeniable sounding voice that’s your own that you can always count on,” Bryan praised him. “I mean even at one moment I was just like ‘God, you get this kid the right song and everybody will know that voice forever.”

Richie seconded those sentiments, saying, “Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. You are a stylist, I can close my eyes, I know it’s you… On a bad day you sound just like yourself. So, you can’t mess this up, you understand me. I need from you to feel confident to lean forward. You’ve got everything you need to be the superstar you want to be.”

April 19 Performance

Tonight, fans will be voting through their favorite nine contestants. Then, one performer from last season will round out the top ten in what’s being titled the “comeback twist.”

In an interview with NewsWeek, showrunner Trish Kinane shared of last season’s singers, “They did so well with the remote production… with their mums and dads helping them and their brothers and sisters holding iPhones and ring lights, but they never had the proper Idol experience. Some people really come alive on that big stage. We thought they deserved to have that experience.”

Voting closes at 6 p.m. ET on April 26 and the winner will be announced on Sunday, May 2.

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