‘Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Claims Show Didn’t Capture Who He Really Is

Season 20 American Idol finale

ABC Noah Thompson won Season 20 of "American Idol" in May 2022.

Noah Thompson, winner of Season 20 of “American Idol,” wants fans to know he’s really not as boring as people may think.

Though the country singer clearly made a positive impression on viewers — enough to win the whole competition — he revealed in a new interview that he doesn’t think the audience got to know the real Noah.

Thompson Wants People To Know He’s ‘Fun To Be Around’

In an Instagram Live with Taste of Country on July 28, interviewer Adison Haager asked Thompson, who was joining via video from Nashville, what fans still don’t know about his personality.

“I mean, they didn’t show a lot of my personality at all on the show, I don’t believe,” he laughed. “I’m fun to be around, I’m a good guy, I like to have a good time. So I hope everybody knows that! I’m not boring like I seemed on the show. I’m a pretty funny guy, I think.”

And, apparently, he also loves to sing his own songs — constantly. In a funny Instagram video posted by Thompson’s team on July 26, a series of clips show him singing the first words of his first single, “One Day Tonight,” over and over behind the scenes at CMA Fest.

The post’s caption says, “Hi, this is Noah’s team. While capturing Noah’s experience at @CMAFest we came to realize Noah cannot stop singing his own song, so, we thought we’d hop on his socials and give you all a taste of what it’s like to constantly be around him… enjoy.”

Thompson’s Learning To Juggle Fame & Family

Thompson went from living in small town Louisa, Ky., to becoming a Hollywood star in a matter of months. When he returned home after the show’s May 2022 finale, he had to adjust to his newfound fame.

“All of a sudden everybody knows who you are, you’re taking pictures with people,” he said during the Taste of Country interview. “It’s just a whole new ballgame. It definitely took me a minute to adjust to that, to realize this is what I’m doing.”

“I was in my head for a minute,” he added, “like it was almost hard to believe.”

The young dad, who releases his second single — a country version of Rihanna’s hit “Stay” — on July 29, said he’s splitting his time between his hometown and Nashville, where he’s writing, recording and performing.

“I’m just kind of doing what I’ve got to do, coming back home, to get to be with my boy and my family,” he said. “That kind of helps me balance myself out.”

Thompson said that despite all the good things that come with his new fame, there’s nothing better than being a dad to his 14-month old Walker.

“Just everything about being a dad is pretty special. He’s really my everything,” he said. When he’s away at night, Thompson said his family frequently plays “One Day Tonight” for Walker, who loves dancing to his daddy’s singing.

The 20-year-old didn’t mention Nicole Dixon, his longtime girlfriend who was frequently featured on “American Idol” with Thompson and their son. Rumors have swirled in recent weeks about a breakup, fueled by social media activity that many fans think may confirm their separation.

For now, he’s focusing on helping more and more fans get to know the real Noah Thompson.

“I’m here, obviously I’m doing this for a reason,” he told Taste of Country. “God had a plan, man, it kind of all fell into place.”