‘Idol’ Winner Returns to Hospital: ‘I Seriously Need Help’

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Getty Hospital emergency room

“American Idol” winner Samantha Diaz, who went by the stage name Just Sam during season 18, has fans worried after posting multiple updates about needing to head to the hospital two days in a row.

The soulful singer won “Idol” during a chaotic time, as production temporarily shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Diaz won her title while holed up in a hotel room, singing to a camera instead of a live audience, and her road to success has been rocky ever since.

Diaz Posts Cryptic Updates During & After Hospital Visits

Just Sam

ABC/YouTubeSamantha Diaz, known as Just Sam, on “American Idol”

Midday on August 24, Diaz, who lives in New York, posted a short message to her Instagram Stories that said, “Thank you to everyone that checked on me. I am ALIVE and out of the hospital.” She added two emojis — praying hands and a red heart.

Shortly after, she shared a brief video of a special delivery she’d received, specifically showing the attached card. It read, “I love you so so much. I just wanted to send you a lil something to show my appreciation. I hope you feel better” with a small heart.

Over the video, Diaz can be heard saying, “Guys, look at what my baby got me. Awwww! After such a horrible day, oh my gosh!” It is likely that the gift came from Diaz’s girlfriend, whom she has featured frequently in her Instagram Stories.

On the morning of August 25, Diaz posted a 2018 video of her singing “Let It Go” in the subway, which is how she made a living before winning “American Idol.” A short documentary about her, called “Sam, Underground,” was released that year.

Fans hoped all was well, given that she had had time to share an old video. But midday, Diaz posted a new video to her Stories from the hospital. In the video, Diaz shows a closeup of her face, wearing a disposable mask, and the sounds of other patients and a beeping machine can be heard in the background.

“I need a better hospital bruh,” she wrote. “I hate it here tbh.”

Fans didn’t hear again from the singer until midday on August 26, when Diaz posted two more photos to her Instagram stories, from what looked like an exam room.

“I’m grateful for the prayers everyone,” she wrote. “I’m doing much better now.”

But Diaz then shared an image of a scale in the room and wrote, “100lbs is crazyyy” followed by two crying emojis. “I seriously need help.”

In 2018, the singer posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed and wrote, “This Sickness At some point Stopped Me from Singing When I Needed to Sing THE MOST!”

She continued, “Nobody knows or even understands how much I been working these past few months ! Barely sleeping, Barely walking , Not completely healed & I Still been FIGHTING FOR MY MUSIC AND A CHANCE TO BE HEARD by the world.”

Diaz did not respond to a request for more information on her current health.

Diaz Revealed She Wound Up ‘Broke’ After ‘American Idol’

Though Diaz seemed poised to become a huge star after ‘Idol,’ the road to success has been rocky. In early 2022, she posted a series of insights on her Instagram Stories, revealing that she’d wound up broke again, unable to cover the costs of making her own music.

Though she was signed to Hollywood Records as part of her “Idol” win, she parted ways with the label and they pulled down her streaming music, including her popular cover of Andra Day’s “I’ll Rise.”

“I thought it was gonna be easy, just go to the studio, record, put out music,” Diaz said. “And that’s not how the world works. That’s not how the industry works. It takes time, it takes money that I don’t have. It takes patience.”

She added, “I’m not even going to tell you guys the amount of money that I had to pay after leaving the label to claim songs that I had already recorded. I’m recording all the time or making music all the time, writing every day, doing what I have to do to survive.”

Diaz sometimes sings with the Sing Harlem ensemble, some of whom were recently featured on America’s Got Talent. She posted a video of herself singing “Killing Me Softly” with the group during an event for Pride Month in June, and the group posted a photo of Diaz singing with them at another event on July 22.

The 23-year-old periodically uploads videos of her singing to her YouTube channel. She also recently released a new single, called “Pain is Power.”

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