‘American Idol’ 2022 Spoilers: Showstopper Round Eliminations & Live Recap

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ABC’sAmerican Idol” finished audition episodes for season 20 and has moved on to Showstopper round for the April 4, 2022 episode.

The episode is titled “Showstopper/Final Judgment,” and according to the description, the contestants are joined by the full “American Idol” band for the first time in order to “sing their hearts out in their last chance to make it into the coveted Top 24. In the Final Judgment, two pairs of contestants face off in a sing-off with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, sealing their fate for the next round.”

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for “American Idol” season 20 Showstopper Round follow. 

‘American Idol’ 2022 Showstopper Round Live Recap

The episode began with Ryan Seacrest saying that all 59 contestants who were left would finally be able to perform in front of a live audience and with the entire “American Idol” band.

First up in the hot seat was Leah Marlene. For her performance, she sang “I’m a Self-Made Man.” The judges told her they were impressed with her guitar skills and less with her vocal skills, but she did make it through to the top 24.

Next up was Jay, a Platinum Ticket winner. He sang “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perry for his Showstopper performance. He got a standing ovation from the judges, but Katy Perry mentioned that she “didn’t remember him being so Broadway.” He did ultimately make it to the top 24. 

Nicolina was the next in the spotlight. She sang “Rolling In the Deep” by Adele for the Showstopper round. She easily made it through to the top 24.

The judges then invited in Ryleigh Madison and Emyrson Flora, who are both 16 years old. For her Showstopper, Emyrson sang “Honey” by Kehlani. Ryleigh sang “Blue” by LeeAnn Rimes for hers, but she missed some notes, and the judges didn’t like her arrangement. Emyrson made it through, while Ryleigh did not.

Katyrah Love was up next. She sang “Sweet Thing” for her Showstopper performance, and the judges were very into it. She made it through to the next round, even though Luke Bryan made a point of telling her she did not “sing flawlessly.”

Fritz chose to sing an original song called “Inconsequential Love” for his Showstopper round, and he said he wrote it for his little sister after they had a fight with their parents. He was already crying before he even got in to speak with the judges, saying he would “not be okay” with leaving. He made it through to the top 24. 

Jacob Moran and Allegra Miles were both then seen making the top 24.

Next, 18-year-old Cameron Whitcomb was up, and he shared that he’s now best friends with contestant Ava Maybee. Ava sang “Falling” by Harry Styles for her Showstopper performance. Cameron sang “It Ain’t Me Babe” for his performance. They both made it through to the next round.

Ava was joined by Yoli when talking to the judges, and when they had to have a “sing-off,” Yoli was the one sent home. Douglas Mills Jr., Sam Moss, and Betty Maxwell were all also sent home.

Sir Blayke was up next to talk to the judges. He sang “Honesty” by Pink Sweat$ for his Showstopper performance, and the judges were into it. He made the top 24. Elli Rowe and Mike Harper both also made it through to the top 24.

Tristen Garrett’s performance was up next, and he sang “Come Together” while putting on a good show. He made it through after the judges told them they thought he’d “found his identity” in the competition.

The show montaged some people who the judges thought chose the wrong song, with Katy calling it “death by song.”

Then, Christian Guardino sang “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, and he made it through to the next round. “Hello” by Lionel Richie was later performed by Dontrell Briggs, a 26-year-old singer who has not gotten much screen time at this point. He did not make it through to the top 24.

Noah Thompson chose to sing “Stay” by Rihanna for his Showstopper performance, which surprised the judges because he generally sings country music. He made it through to the next round.

Cadence Baker was the next artist up. She made it through to the top 24. Then, Kelsie Dolin showed up for her Showstopper performance, singing “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi. Kelsie ultimately did not make it through, but the judges gave her a lot of encouraging words.

Huntergirl was the next contestant to perform, and she made it through to the top 24. Sage and Danielle then went in together. They both made it through.

Jordan Chase and Kenedi Anderson were up next. Jordan sang “Cold” by Chris Stapleton for his Showstopper performance, and he did not make it through to the top 24. For her performance, Kenedi sang “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars, and she made it through to the top 24.

It was Scarlet’s turn to face the judges after a break, and she made the top 24. Lady K’s turn was next, and she also made the top 24.

The last batch of the night included “Hard Workin’ Man” by Brooks and Dunn sung by Dan Marshall. Dakota Hayden sang “Pretty Girl” for his Showstopper performance. They were both invited in to see the judges at the same time. Dakota was sent through, but Dan made it through.

This post will be updated as the episode airs.

Which Artists Make it Through?

According to The Idol Pad, 24 artists make it through to the next round of the competition.

Here are the artists who make it through:


  1. Allegra Miles
  2. Ava Maybee
  3. Cadence Baker
  4. Danielle Finn
  5. Elli Rowe
  6. Emyrson Flora
  7. Hunter Girl
  8. Katyrah Love
  9. Kenedi Anderson
  10. Kezia Istonia (a.k.a. Lady K.)
  11. Leah Marlene
  12. Nicolina Bozzo
  13. Sage
  14. Scarlet Ayliz


  1. Cameron Whitcomb
  2. Christian Guardino
  3. Daniel Marshall
  4. Fritz Hager
  5. Jacob Moran
  6. Jay Copeland
  7. Mike Parker
  8. Noah Thompson
  9. Sir Blayke
  10. Tristen Gressett

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.

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