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American Idol Top 20

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On the April 17, 2022 episode of ABC’sAmerican Idollong-time host Ryan Seacrest announced the top 20 as were voted on the previous week by viewers of the show.

WARNING: Spoilers for the Top 20 reveal and performances episode of “American Idol” follow. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know who made it through to the Top 20. 

Read on below for a live recap of the results as they aired. If you’d rather just have a list of which contestants made it through and which were eliminated, scroll to the bottom for that.

American Idol 2022 Top 20 Live Recap

The show started with Ryan Seacrest announcing that the show was filmed in front of a “packed house of Idol superfans” before introducing Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Ryan also said that the show has seen over 300 million views on social media since the start of the season.

Alejandro Aranda a.k.a. ScaryPoolParty, Chayce Beckham, and Phillip Phillips were all in the house for the night as well.

The first person who made the top 20 and singing for the vote was the youngest competitor, Emyrson Flora. She performed “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato. The judges loved it, with Katy telling her she was “one of our most talented.” Lionel loved her stage presence.

Next up making it through was Mike Parker. He sang “Chasing After You” by Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd. The judges loved his performance as well, with Katy talking about his stage presence and his “silky” and “smooth” voice and moves.

The third person from the first group going through was Tristen Gressett. He chose to perform “Sacrifice” by The Weeknd. Luke told him he was born to be on the stage and that “it’s not that your vocals were bad,” but he said that “y’all ain’t heard him like I’ve heard him,” regarding Tristen’s previous performances. The judges didn’t love the song choice.

The fourth spot went to Sage. She performed “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac. Lionel told her that she shouldn’t “get psyched out” by the other voices in the competition and focus on who she is as an artist.

The next result was that Jay Copeland, the platinum ticket winner. He performed Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good.” Katy called his performance a “complete finished picture” and praised him for his performance and his outfit.

Last year’s champion Chayce Beckham then performed his new song “Doin’ It Right.”

The next contestant making it into the top 20 was Nicolina. She sang “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. Luke called her “amazing.” Then, Jacob Moran was announced as making it through. He sang “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder. He got a standing ovation from the judges, but Lionel did say he wished there was more melody in the performance. Katy called him “the best singer in the competition.”

Ryan then announced that HunterGirl was moving forward. She chose to sing an original song titled “Heartbreak Down” for her top 24 performance. She also received a standing ovation. Katy was very impressed with her original song and said she would “put my money on you.” Luke agreed, saying that when she starts singing it sounds like the country radio.

The next person who made it was Elli Rowe. She chose to sing “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. Luke called it a “beautiful performance,” and Lionel told her to “lean in” to her lane.

The last person making it through for group one was Dan Marshall. For his song, he performed “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks. Lionel told him he could take his act on the road already, saying it was “as good as it gets.” Katy said “I didn’t get it” at first, but it was fun.

Group two started receiving their results following a performance from Alejandro Aranda.

The first person going through was Ava Maybee. She sang “Anyone” by Demi Lovato. She received a standing ovation from the judges, and Katy called it an “interesting” song choice, saying that she “reinvented” that song.

Ryan then announced that Allegra Miles made it through to the top 20. She sang “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty. She got a standing ovation, and Luke said it was his “favorite performance of the night,” adding that it was “magical” and “breathtaking.”

Noah Thompson then got his chance to perform. He chose “Falling” by Harry Styles, which is the second time he’s taken a song that is not traditionally a country song and made it into his style. Lionel told him that he thought he was “a little shy” tonight, and Katy told him that he “deserves the world.”

Leah Marlene was the next person going through. She sang the song “Heal” by Tom Odell. She completely blew the minds of the judges, with Katy’s mouth hanging open for the entire performance. She said that Leah was “growing into the most beautiful woman right before my eyes.”

The next person into the top 20 was Christian Guardino. He sang “Imagine” for his performance. He brought Katy to tears, and Luke also teared up. Luke said he “slayed” the performance.

Phillip Phillips then took the stage to perform.

Fritz Hager was the next person announced as going through. He chose to sing “when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish. This was a standout performance from Fritz, with the judges exclaiming about it multiple times, and Luke was heard saying “incredible” before it was even his turn to talk. Lionel called the performance “stellar” and asked America to vote for him. Katy said that the show is an “opportunity for people to be reborn,” and then she started crying, telling him that they see him and the world sees him.

Katyrah Love was up next. She sang “Dream” by Bishop Briggs. Katy said she loves her voice but is “desperate” to hear some long notes and would share some song suggestions.

Cameron Whitcomb was the next up. He sang “Changes” by Black Sabbath. The judges loved the performance, with Luke telling him he’s proud of the serious artist that Cameron is turning into. Lionel was happy with the seriousness as well, but said that he should try to do two verses standing still rather than one.

The next artist up was Cadence Baker. She sang “Train Wreck” by James Arthur. Lionel had advice to take the mic out of the stand when hitting high, drawn-out notes, but other than that, the judges loved the performance.

The final spot in the top 20 went to Lady K. She sang “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna. It was definitely her best performance to date, and the judges were impressed. Katy said that Lady K “got access to the treasure chest” and called her “beautiful inside and out.”

‘American Idol’ Top 20 & Who Was Eliminated

Here’s who made the top 20:

  1. Emyrson Flora
  2. Mike Parker
  3. Tristen Gressett
  4. Sage
  5. Jay Copeland
  6. Nicolina
  7. Jacob Moran
  8. HunterGirl
  9. Elli Rowe
  10. Dan Marshall
  11. Ava Maybee
  12. Allegra Miles
  13. Noah Thompson
  14. Leah Marlene
  15. Christian Guardino
  16. Fritz Hager
  17. Katyrah Love
  18. Cameron Whitcomb
  19. Cadence Baker
  20. Lady K

“American Idol” airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on ABC.

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