Fans Slam Katy Perry for Rejecting ‘American Idol’ Contestant

Katy Perry

ABC Katy Perry on 'American Idol.'

“American Idol” fans are calling Katy Perry out for how she reacted to one auditioner during the March 27 episode.

26-year-old Miami resident Yoli Mayor sang an original song called “Beautiful Broken Things” for the judges. Luke Bryan was on board from the beginning. He let out a “wow” after one of Yoli’s first riffs. But Perry was less impressed. She told Yoli that she wanted to hear her use more dynamics and have softer moments, saying the performance was “missing that ride.”

When the judges voted, Bryan and Lionel Richie both said “yes” to Yoli while Perry said no. “I didn’t feel it, I didn’t connect with it,” she said. Fans were surprised and confused by Perry’s decision.

“@KatyPerry it was so obvious that you didn’t care for Yoli before she sung even one note. Pretty messed up,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. Other fans went so far as to say that Perry only rejected Yoli because she is jealous of her.

“Idk it could just be me but I was getting jealous vibes from Katy. The moment the girl said she was from Cuba, I saw a change in Katys face. And when she started singing, Katy knew she sang well. I’ve seen this with other contestants…like Katy gets offended or something,” one fan commented on YouTube.

“Look at the expression on Katy’s face when she was singing. I’ve seen it before. It’s envy,” another wrote. Watch Yoli’s audition below:

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Yoli Was Previously on ‘America’s Got Talent’

This isn’t Yoli’s first singing competition. She competed in season 12 of “America’s Got Talent” in 2017 and made it to the semifinals.

In the segment before her “American Idol” audition, Yoli talked about being proud to represent Cubans on the show. She told the story of her grandmother coming to the United States from Cuba, running a business and raising four sons. She called her grandmother’s life “the craziest resilience story…that’s the culture that I want to represent.”

“American Idol” fans seem to have already fallen in love with Yoli’s voice. “Wait! What did Katy Perry say? She didn’t feel it? That was one of the best performances on American Idol this season. Sorry Miss Perry, not all superstars have blonde hair,” one fan wrote on YouTube.

“Katyyyyyyy….what happened? You, of all people, did not feel it? Come on, you can do better than this! She was spectacular! A creative young woman with a great voice easily recognizable and gorgeous! What more did you need,” another wrote.

Some Fans Think Perry Should Be Replaced

Perry isn’t always the hardest judge to impress. In fact, some fans think she had it wrong when she was the only one to give Aretha Franklin’s granddaughter a “yes” earlier this season.

One viewer made a Reddit post called “replace Katy Perry” to discuss the moment. “I was pretty annoyed watching her (Perry) argue and have a tantrum over the fact that Lionel said no to Franklins granddaughter,” the post reads. “I’ve seen Katy get serious and tell contestants they are not ready, what made this so different? She is biased and emotional, sometimes for no reason other than her desire to get her own way. Terrible and cringe.”

But some viewers came to Perry’s defense in the comments. One wrote, “Why would you want to replace her? She’s literally a modern day Paula (Abdul).”

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Lori Bergman
Lori Bergman
8 months ago

I love Katy on the show. I agree, I wasn’t moved either by the singing. You can just “feel” some of the auditions, and this one just didn’t do it. With that being said, she does have a wonderful voice, I just didn’t care for it. I was waiting for that “aha” moment and never got it.

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