Nick Lee, Amouranth’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

amouranth husband nick lee married kaitlyn siragusa

Robin Eckenroth/Getty Amouranth poses for a portrait at the 2017 VidCon at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Nick Lee is the husband of popular Twitch streamer Amouranth. Lee and Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, have been married since 2015, public records in Texas show. Along with Twitch, Amouranth is also a star content creator on OnlyFans and other social media sites.

Amouranth, who has nearly 6 million followers on Twitch, posted a video about her husband on October 16, 2022, that went viral. The 28-year-old Amouranth first revealed she was married when she made accusations against her husband during the October 16 Twitch stream. Her 33-year-old husband, Lee, used the name Nickalisk as a cosplay and fitness model, social media posts show.

Amouranth had rarely spoken about her personal life in her videos and streams. In the October 16 video, Amouranth accused her husband of abuse and said he was controlling her finances. She updated her fans in an October 18 video, her first post since the stream about her husband went viral, saying she is “seeking legal and emotional counsel” and is “happy that I’m free.”

Here’s what you need to know about Nick Lee, Amouranth’s husband:

1. Nick Lee & Kaitlyn Siragusa, aka Amouranth, Were Married in Texas in December 2015

According to Harris County public records viewed by Heavy, Kaitlyn Siragusa and Nick Lee were married in December 2015. They were living together in Sugarland, Texas, near Houston, at the time, public records show.

It’s not known how long the couple had been dating before they were married. It’s also not known where they met and how long they knew each other.

Lee could not be reached for comment by Heavy about his relationship with Amouranth and the accusations his wife made about him on her Twitch stream. Heavy was not able to locate any current court records connected to the couple, including divorce filings.

2. Amouranth Says Her Husband Is ‘Getting Help’ & She Has ‘Access to All My Accounts & Finances Again’

In her October 18 video, Amouranth said, “Thank you everyone who has been super kind and supportive lately. Over the past few days I’ve had lots of people reach out to show concern, that means a lot. I didn’t think that many people would give a s*** to be honest. It’s kind of crazy. … It’s been a wild ride.”

She added, “As for the husband situation, I guess as some of you probably saw the other night, he called be during the stream and I disappeared for like two hours. And then I finally unmuted about an hour and a half into the call, I guess. I apologize if that was hard to watch for people. I didn’t really know what else to do, because he was threatening to tweet s***. He was threatening to tweet lies and I wanted to beat him to the punch. Sorry for if I triggered anybody with past abuse. Anyways, so that happened.”

In the October 16 video, Amouranth streamed herself talking on the phone with her husband. She said he was emotionally and verbally abusing her and threatening her by controlling her finances. Amouranth also said her husband threatened to kill her dogs if she didn’t do a 24-hour stream.

She said the stream was “actually the first time he’s ever heard himself on a recording. … Previously when I recorded him, he would just refuse to listen to recordings. Sometimes he’d like take phones, etc., so that he would never hear them. And I think when he heard himself on that call it really sunk in how much of an a***** he is. So as of today I have access to all of my accounts and finances again. He’s not here. He’s getting help. And I’m seeking legal and emotional counsel.”

She said, “I have access to all my accounts again. All the 2-factors, everything. So that’s not a concern anymore.” Amouranth also said she had been dealing with the police after the October 16 stream. Concerned fans called law enforcement asking them to check on her. She said in her October 18 video she has been “dealing with everything, including a lot of random visitors and cop calls and stuff.”

In the video, Amouranth said she has been “screaming and crying a lot lately,” but said “for now the situation is calm. … I just needed some time to try to process everything and get my thoughts together before streaming again. Try and think of what’s best to do next.”

3. Nick Lee’s Instagram Says He’s an Investor, ‘Occasional Cosplayer,’ ‘Fitness Devotee’ & ‘Game Aficionado’

amouranth husband nick lee instagram

ScreenshotAmouranth’s husband Nick Lee’s Instagram profile.

Lee’s Instagram profile, which is private, says he is an “investor and “min-maxer.” His profile also says he is an “occasional cosplayer,” a “fitness devotee,” a “dove aficionado” and a “game enthusiast.” His profile also says his “next expedition” is with Berkeshire Hathaway.

On October 18, Amouranth said about her relationship being revealed and thrust into the spotlight, “It’s been rough. It’s just going to be really messy, I fear. But, you know, the alternative, keeping it hidden, was messy too. So I guess, choose your mess.”

Amouranth said her husband had her in a “Truman Show.” She added, “I just hope people still watch. …I just felt so alone for so long. I should have done it sooner. I just finally snapped. … I still want to do real work yet. I feel like there’s a lot of girls a I can help. I still have my platforms. … For most of the years online it felt like everyone was against me for the type of content that I didn’t even want to stream.”

She said she plans to continue her career and is happy with the team she has built and will, “try to pick up the pieces and move on.” Amouranth said it is “just so nice to have the house to myself without worrying about someone storming in and screaming at me mid-stream.”

4. Lee Has Registered Multiple Businesses in Texas Along With Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, aka Amouranth, Records Show

Texas public records show that Nick Lee and Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa are both listed on documents for LLCs they registered in the state. The businesses appear to be related to Amouranth’s media career.

Amouranth’s streaming and modeling careers have been highly profitable, according to her social media posts. In July 2022, Amouranth revealed on Twitter her OnlyFans account generates nearly $1.5 million per month. She also has sponsorship deals and makes money off of Twitch, as well as other business ventures. In 2021, Amouranth signed a deal with Playboy’s OnlyFans competitor, Centerfold, according to a press release.

In her October 16 stream, her husband can be heard saying they don’t get along and shouldn’t be together. Amouranth responded, “We got along fine until you decided to make money the main priority.” During her October 18 stream, a fan commented, “I thought you were a girlboss.” She responded, “No, I was a girl employee. Now, I can be a girlboss again.”

5. Lee Was Born in Taipei, Taiwan, & Has Lived in Texas for Several Years & Can Be Seen in Photos With Amouranth Posted Before Her Career Took Off

Nick Lee was born in Taipei, Taiwan, according to the couple’s marriage license. Public records show he has lived in Texas, in the Houston area, for several years, and family members also live in that area. He has also lived in Brooklyn, New York, records show

During one of her streams, Amouranth said she has wanted to reveal her marriage and talk about her husband in the past, but he convinced her it “would ruin the business model.” She said during the stream, “You want me to tell them I’m single? It’s about to be true.” Lee did appear in photos with Amouranth from before her career and popularity exploded, but the old photos and videos do not identify him as her boyfriend or husband.

In July 2015, Amouranth tagged Lee’s account, Nickalisk Cosplay and Fitness, on Twitter. Lee’s cosplay and bodybuilding accounts appear to have been taken down or made private. A photo from 2016 shows Lee and Amouranth together at an event.

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