Amy Price Now: Where Is the Cecil Hotel Manager Today in 2021?

Amy Price

Netflix Amy Price.

Amy Price was the manager of the Cecil Hotel in 2013 when Elisa Lam died in a water tank on the property’s roof. Price worked to restore the reputation of the notorious hotel after a series of incidents at the budget hotel, located in Los Angeles’ skid row. She left the hotel business and is now a business owner.

Price appeared on Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on Netflix and spoke about the hotel and her encounter with Lam. Lam was a 21-year-old college student visiting California alone when she was found dead in a water tank on the hotel’s roof. Her story became fodder for conspiracy theorists after a video was released of her acting strangely in the hotel’s elevator. Lam’s death was ruled accidental due to drowning, with bipolar disorder listed as a factor.

Read more about Lam, including excerpts from her Tumblr blog, here. Read about the circumstances of her death and see the full autopsy report here.

Here’s what you need to know:

Price Encountered Lam Before Her Death & Said She Was Exhibiting Erratic Behavior

Price said she had an encounter with Lam before her disappearance that seemed to be a part of a bipolar episode, adding that she’d never spoken about the encounter publicly before the documentary. Lam was staying in a shared room at the Stay on Main hostel, which Price also managed. The hostel shared an elevator with the Cecil Hotel. During Lam’s stay, investigators said she stopped taking her prescriptions. Price was receiving complaints from other guests about Lam’s behavior.

Price said Lam was leaving notes on the beds of other guests, which said “Go home,” and “Go away.” Lam locked the door to the shared room, Price said, and asked roommates for a password when they tried to come in. To solve the problem, Price said she moved Lam to a private room.

She recalled talking to Lam in her office. Lam described herself as “crazy,” Price said, and added, “But so is LA.”

While Lam’s behavior was odd, Price said it was just another day at the Cecil Hotel.

“Her behavior was bizarre but not enough to be calling the officials in,” Price said on the show.

Lam’s parents, David and Yinna Lam, filed a lawsuit against the hotel, which was dismissed by a Los Angeles County judge.

“There’s so much going on in this area. There’s this huge problem. It’s just so overwhelming for the police and for everybody involved,” Price said on the docuseries. “What happened to Elisa Lam is horrendous. But it isn’t because of the hotel. We are not responsible for her death. We just were not responsible.”

The Cecil Hotel Was Shuttered in 2017 & Price Went On to Open a Jewelry Business & Become an Interior Designer

The Cecil Hotel properties were closed in 2017, Price said on the show, and the buildings were sold. She said the property is now worth around $80 million. The new building owners plan to reopen part of the property as a luxury hotel and part of the property as low-income housing.

Price left the industry to open her own jewelry business as a designer, Amy Price Jewelry. Price works with gold, silver and gemstones. She also works as an interior designer, her website says. She has two dogs, Goose and Maverick, and loves to travel.

Her bio says:

Amy loves creating and working with gemstones.

When she is not working on a new creation, she is an interior designer in Los Angeles, California. She is a proud dog mom of Goose and Maverick, a world traveler and loves spending her free time with her friends and family.

She officially began pursuing a career in designing jewelry in 2005. Her work is known for its originality, uniqueness and quality. Most of her works are ‘one of a kind pieces.’

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