‘1000-LB Sisters’: Amy Slaton Welcomes ‘Miracle’ Baby Boy [PHOTOS]

TLC Amy Slaton Halterman awaits the arrival of her first child with husband Michael Halterman on '1000-LB Sisters.'

Viewers of 1000-LB Sisters have been waiting patiently all season to discover whether or not Amy Slaton Halterman has given birth, and the TLC reality series finally reveals on March 1 that she has indeed welcomed a healthy baby boy named Gage Deon Halterman.

While Amy wasn’t able to immediately hold her newborn child, she at least got to see her little boy.

In the episode entitled, “Labor of Love,” Amy is seen following her emergency caesarian section. “I just got out of [the] recovery room and Gage is in the nursery because his sugar was 24 — they want it at 50. So they’re giving him a little bit of formula, trying to get it up,” she says from her hospital bed.

“Gage was still in the breech position, so in the end, I had to have a c-section. And then they took him away to the nursery to get some tests run because he had low blood sugar, ’cause it dropped. I’m hoping everything’s okay,” Amy says.

“When he started crying, I started crying,” Amy says. “I already love Gage so much. This is a miracle,” the new mom continues. She also jokes that her baby boy “came out mooning the doctor — I ask him if he farted,” Amy adds while laughing.

Amy Slaton baby

Discovery+Amy Slaton Halterman delivers baby Gage Deon while appearing on ‘1000-LB Sisters.’

For Amy, 33, the main incentive for her to drop the weight in the first place was so that she could have children with her husband, Michael Halterman. When Amy found out she was pregnant, it was a shocking revelation since it had been only four months since her surgery.

Discovery+Amy Slaton Halterman and husband Mike Halterman take a picture with their newborn son.

“Having a baby means the world to me,” Amy said. “It’s everything I’ve always wanted.” On Monday night, TLC finally gives audiences the first glimpse at baby Gage Deon Halterman and he’s absolutely adorable.

Discover+Gage Deon Halterman makes his debut on TLC’s ‘1000-LB Sisters.’

While many fans believed Amy’s due date was in January due to her gift registry on Amazon, tonight’s episode reveals the reality star’s due date was during the last week of December.

Amy & Mike Put a Temporary Nursey In their Current Home, But Will Soon Move into a Bigger House

While Amy and her husband Mike are preparing to move into a bigger house, the baby’s due date will arrive before moving day. On 1000-LB Sisters the expectant mother explains to her sister all the ways she’s prepped for Gage’s arrival.

Amy has books, bibs, pacifiers, diapers, wipies, a rocking bassinette located right outside their bedroom, “so if he cries we know we can hear him,” and numerous blankets because “babies are always cold,” she says.

While staring adoringly at a pair of baby booties, Amy says she will also microwave the baby’s socks “so his little feet won’t get cold.” She also stocked up “butt paste for diaper rash, so your baby’s booty won’t be hurtin'” and numerous toys that Aunt Tammy can use to play with Gage.

“Wait, I got the best thing of all,” Tammy says to Amy, revealing a tiny onesie that reads ‘My Aunt Loves Me’ because “the baby needs to know his aunt loves them!”

It Took Time for Tammy to Get Excited About Her Sister’s Pregnancy

Tammy was not initially excited about Amy’s pregnancy. In a previous episode, Tammy said during a confessional, “When Amy told me she was pregnant, I didn’t know really what to say, other than like, ‘Really? Are you freakin’ serious? You know you’re not supposed to be pregnant right now.'”

However, Tammy told People that she’s genuinely excited for her sister. “I’m happy she got pregnant because it was the one thing she most wanted in life.”

“I was mad and sad and worried about her health and safety since it was so soon after her [weight-loss] surgery,” Tammy said, “[But] I’m happy she got pregnant because it was the one thing she most wanted in life.”

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