Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Looks ‘Like Her Twin’ All Grown Up

Anna Nicole Smith

GETTY Anna Nicole Smith in 2005.

The late Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Birkhead looks just like her mother in a recent photo.

On May 7, 2022, Larry Birkhead, the father of Dannielynn, posted a photo of himself with his daughter at the Kentucky Derby.

Here’s what you need to know:

Larry Birkhead Shared a Photo of His Daughter ‘Saw This Pic of Anna and Thought Dannielynn Looked Like Her Twin’

The caption on the series of images read, “Betting on a great time with Dannielynn today at this year’s @kentuckyderby, then off to the @janetjackson concert! Saw this pic of Anna and thought Dannielynn looked like her twin!”

Much of Dannielynn’s early life was featured in the tabloids stemming from her birth, the now infamous paternity case, and her mother’s death via accidental overdose. But her more recent life has been kept out of the public eye, due in part, to her father’s parenting.

“If it’s something that does interest her one day and something that she wants to do, that’s fine,” Larry told FOX News while attending the annual event. “But right at this point, right now, you know, she is a 10th grader. She’s making really good grades. She’s in school, and her focus is kind of that — being a normal kid. And that’s kind of OK.”

He says that his famous daughter is offered movie and TV roles often but, according to the outlet, isn’t interested in them.

Larry Birkhead Says He Takes Dannielynn to the Kentucky Derby Every Year ‘That’s Where I Met Anna Nicole Smith & It’s Something That I’ve Taken My Daughter Back Every Year Since’

While attending the event, Larry spoke to FOX News about why the event is so important to him and his daughter.

“We had a really great time, and it’s kind of been a tradition that we would go every year,” he told the outlet. “That’s where I met Anna Nicole Smith. And it’s something that I’ve taken my daughter back every year since. She’s old enough to kind of understand what it is.”

Dannielynn, who is now 15 years old, doesn’t make public appearances often.

“Since I did meet her mom there, it started off just kind of me taking her back and showing her around and kind of letting her know the stories that, you know, this is kind of where I met your mom and things,” he said. “And then it came to kind of people look for my daughter there because I really don’t let her do any public events. And so, in all honesty, the Kentucky Derby is kind of the growth chart for Dannielynn.”

Larry Birkhead Was a Guest at Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright’s Kentucky Wedding

Larry still lives in Kentucky and was invited as a guest for the “Vanderpump Rules” stars’ June 29, 2019, wedding.

“Had a great time attending my KY Derby pals @brittany and @mrjaxtaylor wedding at The Kentucky Castle,” he wrote with a series of photos with carious castmates on the show. “The party went on all night and included Hooters fried pickles and chicken wings Had fun talking with @lisavanderpump and Ken Todd. Great seeing @tomsandoval1 @Ariana 252525 and @twschwa and the crew again. #congrats #jaxandbrittany #kentuckycastle #kentucky #hooters #friedpickles #summerwedding”

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