Singles Awareness Day 2021: Best Anti-Valentine’s Memes

Imgur Valentines Singles Awareness 2021 has a lot of great memes.

Happy Singles Awareness Day (aka SAD), also known as Valentine’s Day. If you’re not in a relationship this year and not really in the mood to celebrate Valentine’s for 2021, then these Anti-Valentine’s memes might just be perfect for you.

Here Are Some Great Singles Awareness Day Memes

At some point, Singles Awareness Day was officially changed to February 15, but Valentine’s Day is still a great time to celebrate being single. You can use these memes for either day if you prefer. Of course, nothing is as great as the classic Han Solo meme shown at the beginning of this story. But there are other great options too.

As an interesting note, National Singles Day doesn’t happen until September 25. If you’re in China, National Singles Day is November 11, 2021, and in the UK it’s on March 11. China goes all out, providing retail discounts for singles. The U.S. is more casual about the whole thing and just encourages singles to participate in singles events or join online dating services.

Maybe Halloween is more your style and you’re just wishing it was October.

Netflix can be a great way to spend the holiday.

Or maybe this type of celebration is more your style.

Sometimes the darkest jokes are the best for a holiday based around the idea of romantic love.

Also, just remember: there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself!

Here’s another version of the same joke:

Or save your money for other purchases.

This next idea is pretty relevant, especially since so many people are still staying at home due to the pandemic. Is your preference alcohol, ice cream, or both?

And of course, let’s not forget about how much you’ll save if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.

And you can always just block the most annoying people on Valentine’s Day, or at least mute them.

And you can always treat yourself with your favorite meal, even if  it’s not what you’d prefer doing today.

If you have a pet, that’s reason enough to celebrate. Your dog or cat really loves you, so give them some extra treats today and spend some time playing fetch or chasing a feather wand.

Bernie Might Capture Your Mood Today

Maybe this Bernie meme will capture your mood for today if nothing else does:


Whether you choose to spend the day chatting with friends, snuggling up with your cat or dog, or sharing sarcastic memes, this day is for you. The choice on how you spend today is yours because being single gives you the freedom to do the things that you enjoy the most.

So maybe you’d like to adopt a lonely cat or dog for Valentine’s Day and have a lifelong friend. Or maybe you’ll host a video dinner with a bunch of your single friends. If you’re really close with your parents, you can send them an e-card for Valentine’s, thanking them for being such great influences in your life. Or you might just want to play video games all day to celebrate. The great thing is that since you’re single, you get to choose how you spend the day. Enjoy it!

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