What Gas Stations Are Open on Memorial Day Monday 2021?

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Americans are embarking on their first major holiday amid relaxing coronavirus guidelines: Memorial Day. The day to remember fallen military personnel is also the unofficial start of summer, which means people will be driving to see friends and family for summer cookouts and pool parties. But, where can they get gas?

As with most major holidays, gas stations are up and running. Here’s what you need to know:

Most Major Gas Stations Will Be Open for Memorial Day 2021

Speedway: “Most Speedway convenience stores (including former SuperAmerica locations) are OPEN” on Memorial Day writes HolidayShoppingHours.com. Check HERE for more location-specific information.

Circle K: Store Business Hours noted, “Circle K is open for the majority of holidays. Several locations operate on reduced hours during the holidays,” listing Memorial Day as one of the possible “observed holidays where the hours could potentially be reduced.” Circle K information in your area can be found HERE.

QuikTrip: QuikTrip stations are expected to be open reports HolidayShoppingHours.com. You can verify your local QuikTrip’s hours HERE.

Sunoco: According to CashProf, most Sunocos are open 24 hours and maintain a regular schedule for Memorial Day. You can find information on specific Sunocos HERE.

QuickChek: “QuickChek fresh convenience market stores are scheduled to be open their normal hours on Memorial Day to meet the needs of busy people on the go,” a representative said in a statement to Heavy. “Most stores are open 24 hours (where permitted as some municipalities may have limitations).” To find your nearest gas station and verify its hours, you can check HERE.

Wawa: According to HolidayShoppingHours.com, most Wawas are open for all major holidays including Memorial Day. You can check your local Wawa’s hours HERE.

Sheetz: “Sheetz does not close for holidays,” wrote StoreBusinessHours.com, with the occasional exception of Christmas. To verify your Sheetz hours, check HERE.

Kwik Trip: “The majority of Kwik Trip and Kwik Star convenience stores generally stay open” on Memorial Day reported Store Holiday Hours, though it noted, “reduced hours may apply.” Check HERE for the most up-to-date information on your local Kwik Trip.

RaceTrac: Urglamour.com reported RaceTracs are open on Memorial Day. You can find additional information HERE.

Gas Prices Are at a 7-Year High for Memorial Day

With more Americans getting vaccinated every day, they are embarking on “revenge travel,” as Jeanette McGee, spokeswoman for the American Automobile Association, told USAToday. She added, “People have more discretionary income, they’ve got a lot of PTO (paid time off) saved up, so they’re going to take more trips and spend more money.”

The publication is reporting gas is at a seven-year high. According to USAToday, this week, regular gasoline had a national average cost of $3.03 per gallon, the highest since 2014 with its $3.65 average per gallon over Memorial Day weekend.

The outlet cited the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, and its subsequent “fuel delivery problems,” for recent rises in gas prices. USAToday added, “Gasoline prices have largely stabilized since that hacking incident, but prices are expected to remain in the $3-per-gallon range during the summer, experts say.”

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