Are Malia White and Boyfriend Tom Checketts Still Together?

Malia White

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During this season of Below Deck Mediterranean, bosun Malia White has her boyfriend, Tom Checketts, join the show as a chef. Checketts was hired after the original chef, Kiko Lorran, was fired. The two definitely seem smitten with each other while aboard The Wellington, but are they still together today?

Sadly, White and Checketts are no longer together. During a September appearance on Watch What Happens Live, White confirmed their breakup after more than a year of being together. “Tom and I are done, I’m single,″ White said during Watch What Happens Live, according to People. ″That’s the downside to this industry. It’s really tough to work apart and work on these boats. Obviously, you’ve seen it, attractions happen and things happen.″

While on the show, White also added that, ″This industry is tough. We work apart for a long time. There are some bad apples out there.″ Then, when Andy Cohen asked White if Checketts had cheated on her, she simply said, “attractions happen,” as noted by People.

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Malia White Implied That Tom Checketts Cheated on Her

According to The Sun, White implied that Checketts had cheated on her after she posted a meme about cheating on her Instagram stories in late September. The meme had two photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z, with the caption, “The first time he cheats vs. when you’ve had enough.”

White also posted an Instagram on September 20, which was a selfie of her holding a glass of white wine. In the caption, she wrote, “Cheers to all the ladies out there in their 30’s, single, focused on their careers & that give zero f*cks! #stayfocused #dirtythirty #bossbabes #thankyounext.

However, from the look of Checketts’ Instagram page, it looks like the two had been on a trip together just a week before White’s cryptic post. On September 13, Checkett posted a photo of White kissing him on the cheek. In the caption, Checketts wrote, “A very brief trip to London with this one X.”

Malia White Previously Said She Wanted to Be With Tom Checketts for a ‘Long Time’

It seems like things changed quickly in their relationship, as White confirmed during an August 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live that she and Checketts were still together. When Andy Cohen asked White if she would ever marry Checketts, White said, as noted by Bravo, “I don’t know. I’m not a huge fan of marriage, but yeah, I want to be with him as long as I can.”

During her August appearance on Watch What Happens Live, White also revealed that it was hard having Checketts join her on the boat midway through the season. “Having done the show once and having relationships on the show, I wasn’t too stoked to bring a guy that I’m pretty serious about on the show knowing how much can happen and the feedback we get,” White said to Cohen, as noted by Bravo. “No, it was not a nice decision for me.”

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