‘Bachelor’ Contestant Confesses a ‘Bit of Doubt’ About Zach

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Getty Zach Shallcross on the set of "The Bachelor."

A “Bachelor” contestant is confessing some doubt about Zach Shallcross. Stop reading if you don’t want to get spoilers for Monday’s episode.

People Magazine obtained a sneak peek of it. Brianna Thorbourne confessed during the episode that she feels doubt about whether Shallcross has feelings for her, according to People.

The problem, People reported, is that Thorbourne received the First Impression Rose from fans, not from Shallcross himself. He gave that rose to Greer. Thus, Thorbourne is concerned that she doesn’t really know where she stands with Shallcross, People reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

Thorbourne Revealed That she Feels Like ‘I Don’t Have Any Support System’

The Bachelor

ABCZach Slallcross poses with Brianna.

Thorbourne made the comments speaking to Shallcross during the episode, according to People.

“Honestly, like, it’s been really, really hard,” she told Shallcross during a group date, according to People. “We’re moving into the mansion, and I feel like I don’t have any support system.”

To the other women, she said, according to People, “I’m so happy that I was chosen by America, but it always kind of leaves this bit of doubt in my mind of whether or not what I feel for him is reciprocated.”

She added, People reported, “I’m so happy that I was chosen by America, but it always kind of leaves this bit of doubt in my mind of whether or not what I feel for him is reciprocated.”

Thorbourne’s Rose Dress Also Drew Attention

brianna rose dress

ABCBrianna in her rose dress.

Thorbourne showed up during episode one wearing a red dress with roses. You can find style details and where to buy it here.

Bachelor Nation’s biography for Thorbourne says she is an entrepreneur. It reads,

Brianna is a boss woman looking to add some love to her life! She is smart, entrepreneurial and creative, which lead to her owning a successful beauty company at just 24 years old. Brianna is giving She-E-O vibes! Now that her career is in such a good spot, she seems to have everything in place except for a man. Brianna is a woman of the world and even lived in Paris for a few years growing up. So, she is looking for a ride-or-die partner with whom she can travel to new places. Brianna has high expectations, but she’s truly hopeful that Zach could be the man for her!

Thornbourne has expressed insecurity about the show before.

For example, Brianna shared her feelings with co-hosts Michelle Young and Becca Kufrin on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast after episode one.

She again brought up the challenges of getting the First Impression Rose from America.

“Having people not like me for having a rose already or having that target on my back was something I was really concerned about,” she said on the podcast.

She added:

I was so excited and so happy because when America saw Zach and I, they felt what I was feeling. In that moment, I genuinely felt like I was feeling head over heels and I felt that connection and chemistry. It really translated well. So going into the show, I was worried how I would do more than that.

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