This Reality TV & ‘Challenge’ Star Just Got Their Own Show

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Bayleigh Dayton, star of Big Brother and The Challenge, has just taken to Instagram to announce her new project, a reality show focusing on her life called Bayleigh’s World that debuted on Monday, November 23. Dayton posted a promotional video for her show and wrote, “Bayleigh’s World. A Show. A complete look into my life. No filter.”

Here is a look at the promo video:

Dayton explained that the idea for the show was her husband’s, fellow Big Brother and The Challenge: Total Madness star Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. She said he had the idea of “creating a show to let my friends, family and fans into my everyday. To share my experiences, lessons & blessings all in one place.” The show is available on her YouTube channel beginning with the first episode on November 23.

The First Episode of Dayton’s Show ‘Bayleigh’s World’ Is Titled ‘Moving On From Reality TV’

Dayton’s first episode was posted to her YouTube channel on November 23 and it is titled “Moving On From Reality TV.” In her intro clip, Dayton said, “My name is Bayleigh. I’m a small-town girl living a big-city life.” In the episode, Dayton discussed her decision to appear in Big Brother‘s all-star season and how she already felt prior to the show that she was finished with reality TV.

Dayton said, “Now that the show is kind of done, I just feel not interested anymore.” She continued, “I’d rather live in peace, I’d rather make money in peace, I don’t care if not a soul knows who I am, as long as we’re taken care of and we’re happy I’m okay.” She said she decided to move on from reality TV by following her intuition, which was telling her to move on and focus on other aspects of her life and career.

Dayton appeared as a rookie on The Challenge: Total Madness earlier in 2020 and made it to the final of the show but unfortunately was unable to continue competing after suffering a torn ACL in the first leg of the final. She appeared on the show along with her husband but Williams ended up losing an elimination to Cory Wharton and was sent home on the 12th episode.

Dayton Recently Announced That She Was Quitting Reality TV

In an Instagram post on October 28, Dayton announced that she was completely done with reality TV because she wanted to focus on her career. She said, ” I think it’s time to join my husband and officially bow out. I’m 100% done with reality TV. The @bigbrothercbs & @challengemtv producers have been nothing but great to me but it’s time for me to grow in my career and in my life.”

Several of her Big Brother and The Challenge costars took to the comments to support Dayton’s decision. In her Instagram post announcing her new show, Dayton reiterated her decision to quit reality TV: “I stopped reality tv because I wanted to be in charge of my own narrative. Instead, I want you guys to see my life through my lens. I’m so grateful that there has even been a demand from people wanting to see more of my face on their screens. Time to let you guys in!”

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