Alaskan Bush People: Bear & Raiven Back Together


On September 29, Bear Brown took to Instagram with some exciting news: he and his ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams, are giving their relationship another shot.

Brown wrote on his private Instagram account, “Hey everybody! I have some awesome news I’d like to share with everyone! After meeting River in person and seeing Raiven again we found out that we both still have feelings for each other, so we’ve decided that instead of being co-parents we are going to be just parents!″

Despite the good news, the pair have somewhat of a tumultuous history.

They first got engaged in August 2019, but within the month decided they would go their separate ways. In September of last year, Bear told People, “Raiven and I have made the difficult decision to part ways as a couple. She is a wonderful person and I will always care for her. Sometimes people are better as friends and that’s perfectly okay. I will always wish the best for her in life.”

Then, just one day after their break up, the couple revealed that Adams was pregnant. Things went south after that. In March, reports surfaced that Brown was trying to disestablish himself as a parent.

Not long after, People reported that Brown was, in fact, actually trying to establish himself as a parent.

At the time, Brown wrote on Instagram, “Hello everyone! There is something I would like to say! 1. It was two days after River was born before anyone told me! 2. I am not trying to un-establish myself as River’s dad, I am trying to establish myself AS his dad, so that I will have equal rights as a parent!” 

Brown met his son, River, for the first time in late September. On the 25th, the new father wrote on social media, “There is no feeling in the world like holding your very own son!! It was so awesome to finally get to see and hold this beautiful little baby! River is perfect! It was great to get to see Raiven too!”

Brown had previously revealed to People that while he had hoped to meet River sooner, the COVID-19 pandemic made that impossible.

In August, Brown told In Touch Weekly, “With the virus that’s been going around, [I] haven’t felt like it would have been safe to visit River… But now they seem to have [enough tests] to see if you’re infected, so I won’t have to worry about infecting River or my parents when I return home.”

Adams later told People about seeing Bear and River together for the first time, “Seeing Bear hold River was very surreal″ after so long of not being able to do so, ″with COVID being the main issue.”

″It was very difficult to be so far apart for so long. But the boys have been video chatting and I’ve been sending tons of photos,″ she added. ″Not the same by any means, so it was very exciting for them to have that moment.″

According to In Touch Weekly, the couple was first introduced at Noah Brown’s wedding in August 2018. They went public with their romance in July 2019.

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